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    I have a 536 credit score. I want to buy a house. I know my score is not enough to buy a house, but I need someone who is willing to take the chance. 1. I am a veteran receiving 80% disability ($1,800 monthly for the rest of my life). 2. I have been approved for a South Carolina Home Loan and have the Letter of Eligibility. 3. I am unemployed, but a full-time student receiving $1,380 a month for my G.I, Bill. 4. I will be providing a down-payment of $20,000. My intention is to dedicate my entire disability payment to the mortgage of +/- $180,000. I want to buy in the Tampa Bay/St. Petersburg area, Florida. Who is willing to give me a chance?

    Well, I want to thank everybody for their inputs. I will work on raising my credit score. By the way, I do not have any debt. I went through some financial hardship upon separating from the military, which made me unable to pay my bills. After getting back up on my feet, I paid off all my debts...except common bills like rent, utilities, cell, etc. NO credit cards, vehicle payments, etc.

    No one. You don't pay your bills. Even if you were reliable and paid your bills your income (the gi bill does not count) is only high enough to get a loan for about 60k. So, with 20k you can afford 80k. It isn't even possible for you to pay a 180k loan.

    Give the points to Judy. You need to raise your credit and you don't have anywhere the income to qualify for such an expensive home. When you have your credit improved and have more of a down payment look for an inexpensive condo, but be careful of high home association fees. If you do buy a place eventually, think about a 2 br 2 bath place and rent a room to a roommate and use the money to pay down the mortgage faster. When you are no longer a student, unless you find a job, your income will be only $1800 a month.

    Not going to happen. Work on getting your credit score up, and try again in a couple years. But 20K is not enough for a down payment and closing costs on a 180K house, and 21,600 income isn't nearly enough for a 180K house.

    Realize that home ownership is no longer a good investment even if your house double in value in then years, you still wil not break even, due to property tax, HOA's Home insurance, repairs, up grades. don't believe me , do the calculations.

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