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    I once co-signed for a friend on a motorcyle loan that was paid off. Now that friend decided to take out another loan for a dirt bike trough the same bank and somehow my name ended up on the loan as a co-signer without my perrmission. I started getting weird phonecalls from that bank, telling me "my account" was overdue (I didn't even know the account existed)!!! Isn't that considert fraud and can I take legal actions?

    Immediately call all three credit reporting agencies and freeze all reports. Have you even checked your reports to see if this is a genuine collection, and not a scam phone call? Check reports here at this government recommended site: 1-877-322-8228 Experian: 1- 888 397 3742 Equifax : 1-800-685-1111 Report it to the police. The paper trail this creates will only help your case. Go directly to the bank where this loan originated. Have all your South Carolina ready to prove you are who you are. Then, ask to see all the paperwork and signed documents for this fraudulent account. Ask how they came to know that the person who stole this account was identified as you. Did they check a drivers license? A passport? Look through this government site to see what else you can do.

    Double check the first loan papers and ensure that the loan was not "open ended" meaning the loan could be extended for additional amounts without re applying. Concact the Bank Manager in person and explain what you think that fraud may have been committed. Get your credit reports and find out if this new loan has shown up yet and dispute it as fraud if that was the case. Notify your local District Attorney about the situation - they would be filing criminal charges against your friend. Have you asked this friend about this second loan? You could certainly take legal action but I would say criminally hold the friend responsible utilizing the District Attorney. Good luck!

    First put the account on fraud alert through Trans Union Fraud Dept. Their toll free # 1-800-680-7289. They will notify the other 2 bureau for you and it has to be renewed every 90 days. Call the bank and tell them of the fraud account.It'll probably take a couple days to the branch to get the copy of the new loan. Make sure you get the parties name and direct number. You should also dispute it to the credit bureaus, Order your free credit reports from annualcreditreport.com or call them toll free @ 1-877-322-8228 for all 3 free reports.

    Meet with the Bank Manager to discuss the possible fraudulent action you may be taking against his bank. Ask to see the original paperwork where you were listed as co-signer. Have him get a copy of the original loan where you cosigned for a friend regarding a motorcycle loan. Once you have the full details, then you may discuss remedial action,

    First off I don't see how that happen, especially if you really didn't sign for this account. Even if this person, use the previous motocycle for a new loan on the dirt bike, they should have started a new loan in his name, and not yours. You darn right this is illegal, and you should go straight to the same bank and get this straighten out. The sooner the better.

    Present yourself to the bank manager and explain that you Did Not co sign that loan and it would be best if he or she notified the police. Stand there until you are given a written statement that you are not liable for that money. You do not need this on your credit record nor do you need your salary garnisheed

    Talk to the bank and demand to see the documents that say you are a cosigner. If they won't help you resolve the issue, go to helpwithmybank.gov - if it is a national bank, they can help you. If it is not a national bank, then you can still get help, they will tell you where to go. It is fraud. You can take legal action to clear your name.

    Yes, its weird that you were made the co-signor without you actually signing any loan papers. Dispute it with the credit bureaus, and if you have the will, sue your friend. He should not have done it without your knowledge.

    Get a copy of your credit report and dispute it....I would also try disputing it with the bank

    I call my local district attorney this could really mess you up on credit etc,

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