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    Okay here's the story. i bought an 04 accent, ten minutes up the road it started messin up and i brought it back, they ended up taking it back in and replacing the entire transmission. the car was around 5300, i got a loan that only covered 4500, and im still paying out of pocket for the rest of the 800 i owe. i've only made one car payment so far. but after i got the car back with the new tranny the check engine light came on, brought it down to him and he goes "oh no big deal, its a computer error, we'll shut it off if it comes back on bring it down." next day, it came back on. now, i have NO credit, this loan is what is establishing my credit. i'm wondering 1, how long does it take to establish credit? 6 months, a year? and after i have established good credit by paying for this car, is it possible to trade it in somehow? people have told me that if i go somewhere else to get a loan for another car, they would pay off my old loan for me and add the balance to the NEW loan. is this true? it makes sense but i haven't heard of anyone doing it. i am not protected by lemon law, there was 60k miles on the car when i purchased it. i do not want to be stuck with a car that will have nothing but problems. i need something reliable. does anyone have any advice? any information or any websites that i can go to that will inform me about my options? ive looked online and all i see are things about being upside down on your loan, which im not. and not planning to do this until i have credit. just need to know what the heck i can do, feel very cheated. please help :(

    You can trade in a car with a loan on it. Works pretty much like you said. They take the value of your trade off the price of the new car, pay off your loan (cause they have to to own the car) then add your loan amount to the loan for the new car. You will lose money doing this. You car is almost never worth the amount your loan is for unless you put a huge amount of money down, which you didn't. Also you will owe A LOT more on the new car than its worth. The problem with that is a bank does not want to loan you more money than a car is worth. So even with say 6 months of paying the current loan you will still probably need a cosigner or a LOT of cash down to get a loan on a new car. South Dakota does have pretty good lemon laws ( I live in South Dakota also). To be able to claim lemon law on a vehicle though it has to be a major issue and the selling dealers has to have a few cracks at getting it fixed before you can give the car back. If you have a extra 75 or so dollars take it to a different mechanic (just google search for them in your area and pick one with the most positive reviews) and have them diagnose the problem with your vehicle. Once they tell you what it is ask them if it could be covered under lemon law. If yes take their bill back to the original dealer and tell them to fix it or you will claim lemon law on them. If its not a lemon law item have the second dealer fix it if you can afford it. In NYS a vehicle with a check engine light on will not pass NYS inspection so you basically have to fix it at some point, better now than later. A lot of the time it is not even a big issue with the car, it could run fine for years, but you don't know that until you have someone reputable tell you whats wrong. I would go the route of trying to get the car fixed as I said above, getting a new loan will be difficult for you, even 6-10 months from now, unless you have a cosigner with very good credit.


    You will must put up a declare on your automobile coverage enterprise. If you had a mortgage at the car I understand you ought to have collision insurance plan. What will occur is the coverage can pay you an quantity of what they suppose the car is valued at. Then if you happen to agree at the quantity they'll ship you a few records, and a investigate. You will ought to signal the records and ship the ones again. The investigate might be for your title and alos the financial institution's title. What you'll do from there's take the investigate to the financial institution, and if there's an quantity left over then you'll get the reminding quantity. See when you've got GAP coverage. If you've got that, and the coverage enterprise best can pay you favor one million,000, then GAP coverage can pay for the relaxation. Now do not suppose that the under the influence of alcohol motive force is getting away with homicide, given that he ain't. Your coverage enterprise will move after him for the volume that they paid. Now you'll continually move after him in small claims courtroom. If he does not have the cash, then his wages might be quite often be garnished. If I had been you I could touch your coverage enterprise or a legal professional, and spot what they suppose. I understand that with a few lawyers the primary quarter-hour are unfastened. I wish that I used to be a few support to you, and I am sorry for what occurred to you. Some persons simply do not suppose earlier than they do.

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