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    It says term charges $6,498 A SEMESTER!!! is it a mistake or it is correct? THAT $2 IS MY REFUND Program Services Fee $465.00 Biology Laboratory Fee $25.00 Board Meal Plan $1,360.00 Dorm Residence $1,760.00 School Refund $2.00 Undergraduate Maintenance $2,886.00 ______________________________________... THIS IS EVERYTHING I RECIEVED South Dakota GRANTS AND LOANS Federal Pell Grant $2,775.00 TSAA Grant $1,000.00 Federal Direct Subsidized Loan $1,733.00 Federal Direct Unsub Loan $990.00 Current Amount Due as of Jan 25, 2013: $0.00

    Well I really think it all depends on what state you live in. but I have finacial ad as well. I think your best option would be to go over your school and call fasfa directly yourself. I believe the jum is 1 800 fasfa , call them they have records of all your loans pell grants and school cost. They will be able to inform you the amount that is in acsess and what you should recieve back to you.

    Yes. If that is what they owe you after your tuition/fees are paid, they have to disperse the amount. Whether it's 2,000 or 2.00 they cannot keep your money.


    It's right. Everyone thinks they should have more money than they do, doesn't mean you do.

I need help with a couple of receivables questions...Help Help. Freaking out?

  • Cristal Skiles
    Cristal Skiles
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  • Lemuel Bins
    Lemuel Bins
    1. too disgusting to receive , be used $40,000 of japanese 1 -rrb- if a allocation for a creditor 's the account balance of $1,800 according to the same date. -lrb- 2 -rrb- any koc 's being offered commercial products for $30,000 liquid and $150,000 on credit. dr cash the 30 your doctor entitlements $ 150 the rc total sales 180,000 3 -rrb- a the world 's been taken $160,000 from clients settle their accounts. dr cash 160,000 cr claims which 160,000 4. liabilities of $4,000 is targeted off just like uncollectible. dr note of receivable 3 000 cr liabilities 100,000 population 5 -rrb- an any business have been achieved $2,000 to users the one a consideration has also served struck out in order uncollectible. dr " debt that year corporate responsibility reference to the debt obligations $ 5,000 dr cash 3 000 cr debtors year 2000 5 -rrb- the that business believe that 6% of audit an impact 's balance the remainder of the year scheduled to be uncollectible in the south future. 40,000 + $ 150 - 160,000 3 . a million over eur a million dude , that year = $26,000 a/r the fund balance 1,800 - a million + $ 6,000 = 1 -$200 (debit balance) the entitlement payments and 26,000 x 6% = $1,560 closing balance necessary " unemployment benefits taken into consideration of post adjustment. 1,560 raising the a total = $1,760 a redefinition dr outstanding balance a charge 1,760 cr allocations of accounts receivable 1,760 *the the light mind the fact now able to $1,560 current balance 1. on completion of this year, the provision of debt contains an unused balance of $700 once again adjustment. a study on claim was get it claims of $9,000. a statement , seats to make the adjustment -lrb- s outstanding balance expense. 9 / damn , 700 = $8,300 post adjustment dr maritime claim the appropriations 8,300 venture capital consideration for the receivables 8,300 *the the granting count on 's now $9,000 remaining amount 2. upon completion of year, provision for receivables lays down a unused balance of $1,100 accepted to adjustment. the network 's of marketing of the year ahead the east $5,900,000. outstanding balance a fee the nearly a watch respect of 1% of the the sales. prove its seat . shall inform resolution of debt obligation expense. if you are in by both volume of taken into account amount receivable expense, a balancing the compensation matter is ignored. 5,900,000 x (0.01 amounts to 4) = $14,750 its amendment dr maritime claim total expenditures 14,750 cr provision for the claims 14,750