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    :: Background :: -18 male -Living alone in 1-room apartment in upstate South Dakota -Work 40 hrs a week @ minimum wage job -HATE IT :: School :: -Not attending one right now -- have H.S. diploma -Want to attend Miami International University of Art & Design -$125,000 for everything for the 3-year program -Looking to pursue Visual FX career ---------------- --Why am I not attending school?-- I'm living on my own to claim myself independent which, in turn, will raise the amount of financial aid funds I receive when I attend school in 2-3 years. At least, this is what my parent's suggested. I'll be going to a community college in January taking general courses that will transfer hours to MIU. Now, if you're still reading, I'm debating whether or not to start school now. I know I would have the time of my life learning there about something I have a true passion for. I'm really on the fence about it. I don't want to waste my youth waiting to be youthful. Any advice of any type would greatly appreciated.

    The only reason why I'm looking at these schools is because they have exactly the type of curriculum I want. In order of importance: Visual Effects, Motion Graphic Design, 3d Modeling. If I could find a cheaper school that even covered these subjects as a major, I would attend it. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to do so. This is why I'm stuck with it, because I feel only this school (along with Vancouver Film School) would be able to give me the exact skills I need to be a professional visual effects artist.

    The debt load would create an almost intolerable burden for you after graduation. Student loans will always have to be paid back. You can never file for bankruptcy on student loans. With our deteriorating economy, I discourage people from attending such horrendously expensive schools unless you can at least pay have the tuition yourself (or scholarship). You'd be better off at a community college or a SUNY branch in South Dakota in an arts program. Other factors: - This is a ton of money for a school with virtually zero name recognition - Credits from such schools are generally not transferable to other schools. -------------------- You're taking a $125,000 gamble that everything will work out...What if you graduate and it does not? Yes, that's horrible to think about, but you really need to think about the consequences. 15 + years of having to make $800/month (or more) student loan payments.

    This would be a huge burden to pay off. Probably near 1k a month. Would an education like this afford you an income to payoff this loan of 1k a month, plus provide for your other living expenses?? I make an upper 5 figure salary, and even for me, this would be a struggle to pay off. Think long and hard, whether you want this 'millstone', hanging around your neck, for the majority of your working life.

    Wow, great question. if it's possible to learn from an apprenticeship in that field, you'll get real, hands on experience that's much more valuable to an employer than fancy paper (degree). do you personally know anyone in that field? if so, they may be able to get you an entry-level position at a firm that will give you room to grow. i know that in the computer field, what you know is worth more to an employer than where you went to school. good luck.

How do I help a friend with fasfa fraud?

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    Graciela Wiza
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    Raul Labadie
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    August Hane
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    Derek Steuber
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    Earlene Heller
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    Johnathon Morar
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    Quinn Lindgren
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    Bradly O'Reilly
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    Kirstin Kirlin
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