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    My family makes between $60k-$70k per year, and financial aid calculators show that my financial situation would only grant me $1,800 in federal aid (non-loan, we wouldn't be able to afford loans, either). That leaves over $18,000 to be paid out of pocket every year for at least four years. I want to go to South Dakota Austin. How can I find ways to afford to go to college if I'm not from a low-income family, but I'm not from a rich family? It seems like there is never an option for those of us in the weird gray area of laws.

    Fill out a FAFSA online to apply for financial aid... You can take out a loan. Borrowing money for college is a hot topic debate... Be sure to plan now as to how you will pay it off. Try and do a work study program and also try to work part time during the school year and full time during the summer. Only borrow what you need. And whatever money you make working part time and full time in the summer use to pay for college so you borrow less... Trust me as a source from someone who got a very specific degree but is having a very hard time surviving paying my student loans back. Best of luck.

    I don't know what you mean when you say that you "wouldn't be able to afford loans". What are you trying to say? Student loans are a form of financial aid. Grants are reserved for those who are truly impoverished. Since your family is middle-class, you're expected to be able to shoulder some or all of your education costs. The gov't does give out low interest loans for exactly that reason - they know you may not be able to handle $18k every year, but over time, you can pay it off. Because you are not poor. If you refuse to look at other colleges, then you have two choices: either take out loans to attend UT, or don't go. But what I'd advise you to do is apply to UT. See if you get in, see what aid they offer you. In addition, however, also apply to some other schools where your GPA and SAT scores are high for them. This maximizes your chance at getting some merit aid - aid based on your grades, rather than on your income. In other words, if you refuse to take on loans, that may mean you can't go to UT. So apply smart. Find some other schools, even if they are out of your state, where you'd be an extremely attractive candidate, and apply there as well, hoping for merit aid. Even then, you may not get enough to make it so you will require no loans at all. You don't say what major it is you want, so I can't suggest either alternative majors that can get you where you want to go, or other schools that offer that or a similar major. But I suggest you consider this idea.

    Apply for the loans, you can afford them if you get a job to pay them off. Ask about work study if you can but if not look for a job and save up money. Many people work to pay their way for college.

    You still have federal student loans available to you, non-need based scholarships, working your way through school, and attending something more affordable such as community college. There are plenty of options.

    Don't go to college work.. the amount of student debt racks up someone could buy a home as much as they own in student loans.

How does a bank value a car loan?

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  • Antwon Walter
    Antwon Walter
  • Boris Harvey
    Boris Harvey
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  • Aliza Metz
    Aliza Metz
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  • Wilford Klocko
    Wilford Klocko
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    Trinity Blick
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