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    My boyfriend and I have been trying to buy a house for quite awhile now. We ran our credit in late May, I know it has to be at 640 or above for you to even get approved. His was above that, but mine was 637, we were so mad. So we fixed bad stuff on my credit, I got a personal loan I pay on every month, plus a credit card and a student loan I pay every month. I don't have credit card debt, just put maybe $200 on it then pay it off then keep doing that. We want to try again, but we are not sure how long we should wait. I know running it too many times can hurt your credit more, plus I don't know how fast your credit can go up, if mine is up to 640 yet? I mean it was only 3 points! We are living with his parents right now to save money for a house, which is not fun. The loan would be a rural development loan so we wouldn't have to put any money down. Any ideas on when we should try again? Our income is probably close to $1,800 monthly, but I just got a raise, and he his supposed to be getting one in October. We almost bought the perfect house that was $89,900 but since my credit was too low we lost it. I wish I knew how high of house prices we can look at so I know how high to browse. Please help?

    There are tons of sites with free calculators that estimate what you may qualify for. The key word of course is MAY. They are only calculators for estimating. Banks each have their own rules and limits. Never hurts to go in to different banks to check rates and get a "prequalification." Prequals don't require running your credit but the downside is it's also not as reliable as a "preapproval" which DOES require running your credit. You don't want your credit checked on until you are again ready to try on a home loan again. Having too many inquiries into your credit in a short amount of time can pull your score down a few points. It's nothing major but just something to remember. I'd wait 6 months or so and in that time you'll be able to save even more for the down payment and other fees. Also in that time try calling about a dozen lenders to get estimates of their closing costs/fees while keeping an eye on all their rates. Do the math to figure out who's got the better deals for the size and type of loan you are going for. Make contacts with some of these lenders so you can easily resume your talks later. It helps to have a working relationship with your lender. Shop around and remember some banks can be a little competitive, even willing to knock off a little on their rate to meet/beat another's. Get yourself a good book on first-time home buying like the one in the "...for Dummies" series of books. This time can be used to educate yourself on all their is to know about buying/financing your first place so you can go into this knowing more than most!!!!

    Normally your credit scores are not harmed if your credit is ran during the same time frame, such as weekend you are shopping for a car and your credit report is ran several times. The credit bureaus take this into consideration. There is no way you would be able to apply for a mortgage loan without having the mortgage lender you select to obtain your credit report. Without your credit reports there is no way the mortgage underwriter would be able to have your credit scores, figure out your ratio and how you pay your current debts listed on you credit report. As to your applying for a mortgage loan, both your scores are sufficient to be approved for a USDA mortgage loan. In applying for a mortgage loan your underwriter would take all the debt you and your boyfriend have to pay each month from both your credit reports. Your monthly salary you earn each month to pay these debts would be used in a formula to determine your debt ratio. Based on this ratio you would be approved for a certain amount of money a lender would allow you to borrow to purchase a house of your choice. Since you are seeking a USDA mortgage loan you would need to contact a local mortgage lender that is authorized to do FHA, USDA and South Dakota mortgage loans. You would need to apply with this local mortgage lender for your USDA mortgage loan. I do not know how long ago it was that you applied for your last mortgage loan where you were not approved for a mortgage loan because your score was too low. Normally the person with the highest earning of the two would be the primary borrower. If you are not the primary borrower, your credit score would be taken into consideration, however, the middle score of the primary borrower would be used in the approval of your mortgage loan. I hope this has been of some benefit to you, good luck. 'FIGHT ON"

    Pay off that personal loan so it does not count as debt against you. you had plenty of credit iwth the credit card and the student loan. your income is going to be a problem since it needs to be steady for 2 years and it is just too low for 2 people to live on (about 20 grand a year). credit is a small part of the picture. 0% down loans are a bad idea. how can you even afford rent on 21K a year for two?

    Lenders have no way of telling you what you qualify for unless they can see your entire income and credit picture. Call the loan officer you worked with before and ask him or her where you stand now.

    With Credit Karma you can always know your credit score and no penalty for it. I have the app on my iphone. It lets me know if there are any changes. No cost at all.

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