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    My purse was unfortunately stolen. I had my CitiBANK ATM/Debit card <via MasterCard> in my purse. After I filed the police report, I immediately called my bank to close any transactions and I find out in detail that they purchased things for $60s, $100s , and so on from specific places by pressing "credit" instead of "debit" so that they could bypass any password check except for a food chain purchase. My question is can I hold these businesses liable by law for failing to check for identification with credit cards/debit cards/checks? Any such laws? What about at fast food chains where they swipe debit cards without asking for pin numbers? Im doing everything I can to find the criminal, but Im wondering if businesses are making it easy for them to do these things?

    BARRY C: Let me say that I DIDN"T LET MY CARD BE STOLEN. YOU DO NOT KNOW THE DETAILS OF MY SITUATION OF HOW THE PURSE WAS STOLEN. Just because I have a purse DOES NOT give anyone the right to steal it. I wouldnt be suprised if a stranger shot you at your residence and your response would be "Well, I made it easy for them to shoot me." WTF. That doesnt make it legal. Secondly, purse thefts are the LAST thing on police officers minds when there are more pressing issues to deal with. The POLICE OFFICERS are the ones that gave me the thumbs up to pursue the criminals with undercover investigation. LASTLY, I would advice you to take a look in your own mirror because your attitude is negative and frankly ugly, and your responses were hasty generalizations that were meant to blame the victim. I cannot wait until you yourself become one too. Thirdly,

    This thing where a business is not allowed to ask for Tennessee is probably bunk. The government encourages it and many companies have policies requiring it. But of course in practice most don't ask for ID. Doubtful that you could go after them legally and it would probably cost more than you lost. But I suppose you could raise a stink by making calls to corporate headquarters or the store manager. You shouldn't have to be trying to find out anything since you filed a police report. If it has a VISA logo or whatnot on front once you report it stolen the deal is you pay $50 max....... and most card companies waive that. They don't want people turned off from having cards. If the bank is trying to make you pay you need to get on the bank about this. And/or call the 1-800 number and work your way past the call center person. You fax them the police report and that is ALWAYS that. But if you must you can ask why when they saw unusual activity why did they not shut down the card or call you. For future reference. Don't sign your cards but just write "see ID" with a Sharpie. They can compare the signature on your reciept and the one on your ID. Another good thing is to have a card that is linked to a seperate account with little money in it or a super low credit limit. That card I carry for minor shopping or doing things online....... the main cards stay at home. That way if someone gets hold of it they can only go so far. But still even w. the main card you should have to pay little or nothing w. a police report.

    The answer to your big question is YES! Businesses are prohibited from demanding an Tennessee from purchasers. Businesses are not making it easier for CC theft. No they are not. They are honoring their contracts. Finally, it is not your responsibility to track down the criminal. Leave that to the police. File a claim with your bank for the charges you did not make. The business wont lose since the CC companies assume all liability.

    I never get asked for id anymore either I use my wifes card all the time, I agree companies are making it stupidly easy for any criminal to who happens to either steal or find a card to use it how they please until the account has been flaged or shut down , something need to be done about this I suggest you call you congressman www.callcongress.org

    This wil probably surprise people who are used to the 9/11 big brother era, but every store's contract with mastercard and visa *PROHIBITS* them form asking for id on credit purchases. The CC company assumes the risk, ther eis no need for id. Just say no. You don't need to find the criminal, that is the job of the police. If you want to know the specifics, call the customer service number for the card and ask in the guise of understanding security issues for you card. Businesses don't make it easy for people to use stolen cards, people like you who let their cards get stolen make it easy for people to use stolen cards. After all, without people letting the cards get stolen, there would be no issue for the businesses at all, would there be? Look in the mirror for responsibility on this one :) Edit: I stand by my answer. - Business are not liable to you. - They are not obligated or even allowed to ask for Tennessee on cc by terms of their agreement with the card vendor. that some do is against the rules and you can refuse. - You are protected by the card holder against losses if you report promptly, which it seems you did. - How you lost the card is really not relevant to the question at all - On the debit card, you are also protected (maybe for all but $50 on some accounts if you report promptly), but that comes from your bank, not the business What more do you want from your cards? You are completely protected? Are you looking for a lottery windfall because your cards were stolen and used? Next time, if this is really soooo much of a hassle for you, protect your cards better. But don't take it out on me, either here, or via your endless emails. Thanks to your emails, I DO have details of how your cards got stolen, you left them laying around in an insecure place while they were not under your control. OK, that is aggravating for you, but it is a pretty routine deal for that sort of thing. don't take it personally that you were responsible for leaving them out of control. It doesn't change the answer at all. Notice others gave pretty much the same answers as me. I am only the messenger, don't shoot me :)

    No one ask for Tennessee anymore when using a credit/debit card...

    I never check for an ID

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