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    I am starting home schooling this year I live in Pennsylvania, USA. I'm going into 9th grade in the new school year. I am 14 and I was born in May 1996. How does drivers ed work if your homeschooled? When can I take drivers ed? 10th? How old do you have to be to take it? In PA, how old do you have to be to drive? **I heard this thing that it was made a law in Tennessee that if you were born in 1995 or below, you can drive at 16. But if you were born in 1996 or above, you have to wait to drive untill youe 18. WTF? Is that true?

    Obtaining Your Original Learner's Permit An initial Learner's Permit is issued to any individual, 16 years of age or older, who has never been licensed to operate a vehicle, a new resident who has never been licensed, or a new resident who has been licensed in another state but whose driver's license has been expired longer than 6 months. If you are a new resident to PA, please visit our New Resident information page. Process: Step 1: Acquire a Pennsylvania Driver's Manual from a local Driver License Center, or on this Web site. Step 2: Have a physician, physician assistant, certified registered nurse practitioner or chiropractor conduct a physical examination and complete Form DL-180 "Medical Qualification Certificate". Step 3: Visit a Driver License Center with: The completed DL-180 The completed DL-180TD (if under the age 18). This form must be completed by a parent, guardian, or spouse who is 18 years of age or older. Proof of identity, which is listed on reverse side of DL-180. Note: If you are changing your name, you must present original documents supporting name changes such as a marriage certificate, divorce decree or court order. Two acceptable proofs of residency, listed on reverse side of DL-180, if you are 18 years of age or older. Proof of residency is not required if you are age 16 or 17. Your Social Security card. A check or money order payable to PennDOT for the appropriate fee. (Cash is not accepted.) Step 4: An eye screening and Knowledge Test will be given. Once passed, a Learner's Permit will be issued. The Learner's Permit will be valid for one year. If you are under age 18, a six-month waiting period and 50 hours behind the wheel driving experience is required prior to taking the skills test. Step 5: Schedule a road test either online or by calling 1-800-423-5542. There is no requirement to take the drivers ed in school, only that you have 50 hours of experience driving. And no, the "Dude, didn't you hear? After 1995 you gotta be at least 18 to get the permit" is Urban Legend, and untrue but still repeated by those who don't have a clue. Just look at the web page.

    No, you can start now. You need to take drivers ed, then drivers training. Then you need to bring those certificates to the dmv to get your permit. Then you will wait 6 months, then come back to take your license test, and if you pass then you get your license.I used www.driveredtogo.com if you would like to use it. This course was very reliable and approved by the dmv. I learned a lot from this site, it was layed out in a very easy structure for me to learn.I completed this course in less than a week and got my permit, passing the first attempt. There is also this coupon/discount code you can use: X22-AF6-A8M . It is good for any course.

    15 years old you get your permit 16 you get your license Get all of the required hours in I thinks 50 hours day driving 6 night time hours, In PA: The laws are changing as we get older and from the 1900s you were able to drive at the age of 16 but now the laws are changing the new law now is if you were born 1994 and below you can drive at 16, but if you were born in 1995 or up you have to wait until you are 18 years of age

    Home schooled, take it when you get your permit. Unless the school district that coordinates your home schooling allows you to participate in its driver ed program, you will have to go to a private driver training school.

    Check with your state DMV... here in Texas your allowed to self instruct your child for drivers ed. i did it for my daughter and it worked great but, it might just suck if you dont get along with your mom or dad just think it takes about 2-3 hours a night for 3-4 weeks of instruction??? it may not be fun or worth it you may just want to take it at a driving school...

    Go to a private driving school, even Sears does it!

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