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    I love my mother to death, but she's "borrowing" money from my college savings. She and my dad started this account for me when I was born. They're split up now, but dad continues to put money into it. Mom cannot because she blows her extra cash on having fun with her boyfriend. She keeps overspending and not having enough for bills, so she borrows from me. Mom says that she'll pay me back someday, and has begged me not to tell dad. So far she's taken over three thousand dollars. I know dad would blow a gasket. The accounts in my name, but I'm only 16, so I don't know what I can do about it. Dad's a pretty tough guy who'd stand up for me, but I'm afraid of how he might react. I don't know how to handle this :P

    Wow, this is a tough situation. I would tell your mother first that unless she stops doing that then you are going to have to tell your dad. Maybe then she will stop and the problem will be solved. Your college savings shouldn't be a place your mother turns to for a loan, if she needs a loan, the bank would be a better place to turn. If you confront her on it and she will not stop, it will be time then to go to your father. Good luck and I hope it works out, please call our hotline or email our website if you need anything! Counselor, Dominic Boys Town National Hotline 1-800-448-3000 www.yourlifeyourvoice.org

    Please tell your dad. If both names are on the account and he is putting money into the account then he can close the account and move the money into an account without your mom's name on it. The money is for you and until someone speaks up, when you need the money it won't be there. Don't worry about any fall out. Your mother will not replace the money. If anything you need to go live with your dad.

    I think if she was using it for something important like hospital bills, or taxes, then you should let it slide. But she's spending YOUR money on 'fun'. And I know how you feel, I couldn't live without my mom, but this needs to stop. Don't tell your dad at first, tell your mom to stop; don't ask, TELL her! And if she refuses, or it continues, go to the bank and get your pin changed. Then, if somehow it continues, tell your dad.

    First confront your mother and if she does not come up with some kind of payment plan to pay you back, then I would tell Dad, and tell her that you will tell, do it before she spends it all, she's being very selfish, tell her to tell her boyfriend to pay for their fun, sounds like the boyfriend is using her too.

    One way to handle this would be to ask your dad how much is in the fund. You'll need to know so you can do some intelligent planning. How much for tuition, how much for books etc. One way or another, get him to monitor the fund so he can see for himself what is happening. It may not be a good idea to blurt out an accusation. Be subtle.

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    You tell your dad!!! Your mother is so selfish she is taking away your education!! She is stealing from your poor dad too. Shame on her..Tell your dad asap whats going on this is so not fair to the two of you!! I'm not even in your position and that ticks Tennessee off!

    Tell your mom she has one week to start putting back the money and not take out anymore or you are going to tell your dad

    Yes you should tell your dad,it's theft and immoral Have your dad change the account to his care if he is paying the money in.............

    Look this is your future and somehow she is destroying it so u have to things to do. 1- first face her and ask her no to spend from your future money on such a bathetic reason 2- if she repeated it again tell your father cuz this is not a game money this your fore life.

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