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Payday Loan in Tennessee

    It cost me $1200 ENCLOSED trailer from Tennessee to CA. Cost will vary depending how close to an interstate the pick-up and drop-offs are. I use 1flat-rate.com all the time. I am not affiliated in any way. I've just had the best service from them, after having less that desired results elsewhere. Call 1-800-876-4888 and talk to Ray. He'll explain how the whole thing works in detail so there will be no surprises. He's a good guy and very very trustworthy. EDIT!!!: 1flat-rate is the only transporter who charges NOTHING upfront. You pay by cash (which is normal) after your car is dropped off at your driveway and after you check it for damage, etc. They are insured for a couple million $ so you cannot go wrong. BTW, the drivers are extremely nice and take good care of the cars.


    It depends on how quickly you want it done and how you want it shipped. It could be anything from a few hundred dollars at an auto driveaway agency to perhaps $2,500 to have it trucked in an enclosed trailer. The driveaway agencies if you're not familiar with them locate someone to drive your car there for you, usually a tourist looking for cheap one way transportation. They do check for a spotless drivers license.

    Just happend to pass by this question figured i'd get the points real quick just shipped my car the other day actually and i used a company called AutoTransport123 dont know much about shipping cars but it was real real simple i spoke to the owner directly his name was Keith i have the phone number right here its 888-885-9123 and the website i went to was AutoTransport123.com make sure u check the reviews too if you want to help me out mention Jay Sanders told you about i get a $50 discount when i ship my car back


    Fly it?? is he loopy?? many 1000's of greenbacks. only call a vehicle mover!!! They placed it on a truck and bring it. it is even high priced. inspect the internet for vehicle movers and initiate calling around. make certain you verify on them via the extra powerful enterprise bureau. My daughter had a vehicle dropped at Chicago from Colorado and it become approximately 850.00. some are extra, some are much less.

    Its probably over 9000... pennies.

What is considered Loan Sharking?

  • Mack Ledner
    Mack Ledner
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  • Norene Waelchi
    Norene Waelchi
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  • Dino Gulgowski
    Dino Gulgowski
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  • Devonte Huels
    Devonte Huels
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  • Damon Reinger
    Damon Reinger
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  • Bill Leannon
    Bill Leannon
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  • Hildegard Murray
    Hildegard Murray
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  • Emilie White
    Emilie White
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  • Winston Dibbert
    Winston Dibbert
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  • Jody Daugherty
    Jody Daugherty