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    We had found a legal assistant, or so she claimed. We have paid her all of our dues, including his initial petition form fee, and now we have heard nothing. I have tried to contact her many of times and I have gotten no response. Is there anything we can do, or are we just out the money that we have already paid her? Also, how do I know how far my husbands case has gone? Do we have to refile? We are getting desperate!!

    We have gotten no information on our petition since our legal assistant told us she would mail it in. She had put her address on the petition as well as our's so she would be able to recieve it. Wow that was a little harsh. I wish he would have became legal before he got over her also, but at least he is trying unlike many, many others. He had no knowledge of how to come about doing things the legal way.

    Just one question.... who did you make the checks payable to? not the paralegal's fees but the filing fee checks. you should have paid for each form you filed separately...with a check. if you made the checks out to Department of Homeland Security Tennessee U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services---these are the only 2 acceptable ones for filing with immigration office.....then when they cashed them, on the back of the check there will be a receipt number. if you do not get your checks returned to you from a bank, then contact your bank and get a copy of it---that is your proof you paid for the form to be filed...and will give you a receipt number to check the status of your case with immigration. you can do this by either calling immigration at 1-800-375-5283 or you can go to their website at www.uscis.gov and click on the link at the right that says "my case is pending". that link will help you navigate the site to find out your case status. i hope this helps. good luck...waiting on immigration can be very frustrating, i know.

    When I read your story my stomach just dropped. Sad to say but there are people out there who just want to take advantage of people and it sounds like that is exactly what happened to you. When she initially mailed out the form you should have received a "receit letter" that comes with a receipt number also known as your case number within four weeks. With the information on this letter you could call immigration and get an update on your case. To me it seems like she never mailed anything. Is your husband currently in the U.S.? If yes and he entered legally all he needs to do is adjust his status. Visit www.uscis.gov this website is very helpful. I really don't think that you need to hire anyone to do the paperwork it is very basic information. This will save you alot of money. If you have any questions feel free to contact me. I petitioned for my husband also and in 6 months exactly he had his green card in his hands. So there is something really wrong...with your process. Good Luck.

    I have filed for my husband and its going to be a year since i've filed, the process can take a while, but I go online to check on the status. Here is the link: Towards the bottom left of the page you will see More Information underneath that click on Case Status Online. Once you get there you'll have to fill out a portfolio, so you'd click on customer and follow the setup. Hope this helps this is what I did to check on the status of the application. Good Luck! :)

    Have you tried to google the legal assistant's name? Perhaps that would bring up a new address. Hopefully you can get it. There are always going to be people that take advantage of other people in this world. You just may have to seek reputable legal counsel for this matter. Best of luck.

    Did you ever get any documentation from USCIS regarding your petition? you can always start with them to find out what happened.


    Sounds like an illegal criminal got taken by another criminal, imagine the justice. call ICE and they can let you know how far his papers have been filed.

ID Thieves Also Target Kids Children's stolen Social Security numbers used for credit, loans and jobs?

  • Kelsie Barrows
    Kelsie Barrows
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  • King Schaden
    King Schaden
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