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Payday Loan in Tennessee

    I am currently 17 year old and will be 18 this upcoming May 22nd, I am currently homeless living in a motel room with 5 people(siblings and mother). I am the youngest in my family. My father had past away when I was 4 years old and I received income until I was 16 for his passing until they cut that off. My mom receives income for disability she is disabled and cannot work. I suffer from depression and severe anxiety. I have medication and a psychiatrist to back up my diagnosis. I've been through hell and back and want to become an individual and get out of this situation I'm in. Does anyone know if I can qualify for cash aid , my dad passing , or being homeless, or my medical diagnosis, food stamps, ect. ? I'd love a detailed answer and contact info if possible for questions , (email ect) please help.

    Social Security survivor benefits are paid to minors until they are age 18. Benefits are paid once you are age 18 if you are a full time high school student Tennessee you are SEVERELY disabled. If you feel that you are severely disabled and incapable of working and earning $1070 a month for at least a year you can call 1-800-772-1213 and make an appointment to file for disability benefits on your father's account either over the phone or in the office. Your benefits didn't end when you were 16 if you were receiving social security survivor benefits; they are being paid to someone - probably your mother which she is supposed to be using to pay rent, utilities and to buy groceries. The last benefit she will receive on your benefit would be the benefit she receives in May. If you are a full-time high school student you should have completed a form about your school attendance so that you would get a benefit for the month of June if you attend school full-time in June.

    Are you using the computer at the library.....log off and read a book.....you qualify for food stamps.....go to school......strike that....get your GED...what is the most expensive....1 ) renting a motel room 2) renting an apartment 3) buying a house.....Gee Mister Wizard....tell us more about your 3 siblings all older than you still living with your mommy in a motel....GO TO SOCIAL SERVICES AND GET YOUR FREE OBAMA CARE.....YOU HAVE NO SKILLS JOIN THE ARMY......it's all free

    Or as a capable young man get yourself a job . I have anxiety and depression. Does not make it to where you shouldn't work. Would better for you to work.

    Your peace isn't going to come from scraps from the Government.

Are my PayDay Loans legal in Missouri?

  • Darlene Kerluke
    Darlene Kerluke
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  • Arlene Torp
    Arlene Torp
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    Guillermo Murray
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    Dereck Aufderhar
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    Milton Treutel
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    Brayan Braun
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