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    I sold a cd to a guy in Austria. I have dealt with him for many years and he has always paid promptly and on time, but recently his pay pal account became inactive for whatever reason. He is sending me a money order through western union, but my question is how do i cash it, Is this money in austrian currency or usa? And how do i pick it up? I havent dealt with western union before.lol

    Actually if its a money order, you wont have to have the money transfer control number, its a paper money order wich will arrive to your mail box its as if it was a check sent from austria, now you would be receving the money in USD, if its a regular money transfer it will also be available in USD and he should provide you the MTCN, you will go to any WU office nearby you and the agent will provide a yellow receiving form, In order for you to cash the Tennessee (money transfer) you should know where is the money coming from, how much would you be expecting and the name of the person sending you the money, now if you have more questions you can call us from the US at 1-800-325-600 thats our number for the Costumer Service. I hope i have answered all your corncerns

    Basically they pay western union the money and a fee to send it, and you need the confirmation number from that person in order to pick up that money at a local western union near you as well as their name and phone number etc. You also need your id to prove who you are before they will give you the money. they give cash and also cheques for larger amounts. you dont have to pay a fee.....it helps if you know the currency they send in to give them an idea of the amount you are expecting. Just ask for the form for receiving money.

    You should get paid in "local currency" AKA US dollars. You get the information from him, go to the Western Union Office and prove who you are. They will pay you in cash, check or a combination of the 2 depending on the amount and location.

    This is most definately a scam. Unfortunately scammers do use the name of legitimate companies to try and get money out of people. Here at Publishers Clearing House, we receive calls and e-mails every day from people who have received scam notifications just like yours. All of your research is correct. If you are asked to pay any money to claim a prize, it is a scam. Regards, Emily Publishers Clearing House

    Well, I've sent money through Western Union internationally and I'm sure your money will be in dollars.

Is equitrust financial services a legit company? Their website is equitrust.org.?

  • Jovan Gottlieb
    Jovan Gottlieb
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  • Kendra McCullough
    Kendra McCullough
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  • Janessa O'Kon
    Janessa O'Kon
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  • Elisabeth Carter
    Elisabeth Carter
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  • Jonatan Schroeder
    Jonatan Schroeder
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