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    So we want to start budgeting RIGHT because the method we're using right now is obviously not working. Our issue is getting started. we owe money on all our monthly bills and are working towards getting them paid off. the problem is, everyone wants money NOW, so we pay off one bill and spend the next 2 paychecks paying off another bill, leaving the first bill with a month;s charges with no money to pay it. now we're going to change some of our spending habits, and ive worked it out that for ALL living expenses, we're paying out about $2170/month and our income together is about $2600, so it seems it would work out right? not for us. we spend frivolously without checking to see how much we have left and end up broke before next payday. we're also stuck in the whole vicious payday loan cycle which is tough to break. WHERE do i start?! ive tried mapping it out on paper but the issue is that since we already owe money, we cant get ahead. any advice or help?

    We're going to obviously start with changing our spending habit.. but its so frustrating. are there people who i could hire to help us out with this kind of thing? we're not OVERLY in debt, about $800 in total on bills, and $2000 on a credit card. the credit card isnt my biggest concern, its my everyday living expenses and then once those are under control, we'll work on the credit card. we also have a loan for our car under my father in laws name for about $8000 we pay monthly on. any help?!

    The absolute simplest budgeting method that will force you to stick with it and not over-spend is this: 1) Make your budget, which you say is $2170. 2) Get a set of jars/plastic tubs - one for each budget category plus one extra. Label each jar with the category name. The extra should be called DEBT. 3) When you get your pay, cash it out and deposit it in the jars according to the budget amount. Once you're deposited the budget total in any given jar, you cannot put any more in that jar. 4) You only have what's available in the jars to spend, no more. Once a jar is empty, you cannot spend anymore in that category until next month. 5) You should have $430 in the DEBT jar that you can use to apply to your outstanding bills. If you stick to this, not only will you be on budget, but you will be on budget for each category also. You can borrow between cataegories if you really need to, but the total of all the jars cannot exceed $2170 for that month. Next month, start over. Good luck.

    Separate your expenses into fixed expenses, those you have to make each month like the car payment, rent or mortgage and minimum credit card payments etc. And your variable expenses. Make a list of your assets and your total debts. From that you should be able to decide where to cut expenses and what assets you may be able to use to cut your debt. Cut expenses, liquidate assets, or increase income.

    You need detailed advice from an organisation such as Citizens Advice (UK) who do not charge. Do not pay for such advice - you will probably end up worse off! An hour or two and several visits to Texas will put you on the right track and then it's up to you. (Do ask for a specialist adviser if your case is complex.) BEWARE THE SHARKS!

Are a 3/1 hybrid loans any good?

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    Rodger Ledner
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    Taryn Rolfson
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