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    I have debt. About $5,000.00 worth. After all my bills are paid (car, rent, insurance ect) I have about 150.00 left over, give or take a few more dollars here and their due to my checks being different every time. This doesn't include however, food, gas, toiletry ect. I hardly spend any money on myself. The rest goes to the "many" collection agencies i owe. I've been paying on an account that has recently threatened to garnish my wages. So they became a priority at that point, yesterday another collection agency found out I was paying the first one and demanded that I pay them $150.00. I can barely afford $50.00 let alone $150.00 at one time. What do i do? what are my rights when it comes to two or more credit companies harassing me? I'm at my wits end. Most of my debt has been passed down through a deceased family member. I have absolutely no credit card debt, it's all through banks (bounced checks, unpaid utility bills ect) I've managed to get my credit up because I'm paying one creditor at a time with what I can afford. Now this agency is jumping down my throat threatening to suspend my license. I'm at the end of my rope. I"m meeting with a credit counselor in hopes they can help me put it all together and I pay one person to pay them. It's either that or bankruptcy. What are my rights? what should I do? please help me. one other question. My work doesn't allow more than two wage garnishments. I'll lose my job, if I lose my license I lose my job. These creditors are threatening the very thing that is keeping me alive at this point. What do i do about this problem?

    -Joal- long story short my mom and I had a joint account when I was a kid, her name and my name where on the checks she ordered. Yes this debt is now mine. I talked to the bank and wast told that If I had been a minor at the time of death I wouldn't be liable, but I was 18 at the time. I've also been served 3 times from creditors and the debt is not listed in these papers, so i'm guessing that's where her bills came in. The above problems i'm facing is my debt. I haven't even tackled her problems because everything is messed up and I dont know which way is down or up anymore! No I haven't paid on "her det" i've been focusing on mine, but interest rate goes up and i'm never out of the hole. on top of all this i've been homeless here and their a few times and laid off. I wouldn't be in this mess if she hadn't died. I had no where to go at the time of her death, I was 18 and a senior in high school. I wasn't even informed of what all i owed until I was able to get on my feet in 2007 and

    What I would do. I would look around my home and grab anything of value and take it to a pawn shop. Do you have any jewlery, tvs, computers, game systems, music equipment, etc? Take them along with your Texas for cash, or a temporary low rate loan. If you fail to pay back, they simply keep the item. Expect to get about 1/3 of what you may think the item is really worth. They are tough. This will hold you by so they don't garnish your wages. What credit councellor are you meeting with. Be careful of scam artist and companies that will charge you. Hopefully you are going through the nation wide program to help you at no cost. National Foundation For Credit Councelling NFCC.org call the 800 number and make an appointment at a local office. No cost. Non-profit agency Reviews call them angels from above. Only one bad review I found said it was embarrassing. That's it!

    It sounds like some of these creditors are making illegal threats that you could sue them for. Despite what the creditors say, you may not be liable on these debts. (Surprise! Debt collectors lie!) Also, the statute of limitations may have run on some of these. Try finding a consumer rights attorney at NACA.net - they may be able to take a case for you "on contingency" meaning that you don't have to pay them up front; they get paid out of the proceeds from winning a lawsuit. You have a sympathetic story, and believe it or not some lawyers are human beings and will take that into account when trying to decide how and if to help you! *EDIT* And don't pawn all your stuff for nothing to pay these sleazebags! That's the worst advice I've read on Yahoo in weeks!!!

    NEVER ignore letters claiming you owe money (its too late now for your 1st letter but its important you keep keep all correspondence at least for a couple of years - If you get letters then scan them into your computer as soon as you can. Cos debt collection can have a habit of coming back after a few months- presumably they think you might have forgotten what was said earlier so they will have an easier job getting money out of you..) Also NEVER phone them (I repeat this a million times) ALWAYS reply to them via letter (date and keep a copy) or e-mail (preferably) (If you do write- do it on a computer save the file then print it out. If necessary you can attach the file to an e-mail in the future if necessary.) In your case this goes for both O2 and "buchanan.etc" I would first email O2 and ask them to confirm the 6 weeks to repay (if you can - get a specific personal e-mail address to send the e-mail to- cos they will get it in the neck if they dont respond.) If you dont get a response within say a week then ask them again and keep asking until you get a response Then forward the e-mail confirmation to "Buchanan etc" and tell them you will be paying as per your agreement with O2 (again its better if you can get a specific personal e-mail address) If you can - scan the letter from Buchanan etc into your computer and attach this to an e-mail to O2 (If you cant scan it then just give an summary of what they said) and ask them what the f//k is going on - cos THEY are saying you have 6 weeks but Buchanan are hassling you now (this is where the benefits of e-mail comes in - Its all written down and on the pc - and it only takes a few minutes to send e-mails to all parties (as I said- IGNORE what O2 say about ignoring anything If anything goes wrong they can deny ever saying anything about having 6 weeks and you will be stuck with the result If you get a letter from 1 party that conflicts with what the other is saying - scan it and send it to the other party and ask what the f//k is going on. Then NOBODY can deny they didnt know.

    You can either go bankrupt and then none of these people get anything.or go to a debt consolidation place where they will be able to manage your bills but what i dont understand is if these are passed down from a deceased family member then why do you have to pay for this , if its in their name only you are not responsible, but if its in both names then i guess you are, you need to talk to a legal team of some sort you could try to not just pay out one person at a time but a few my advise is to try and find a debt consolidation place

    If the collection agencies have violated the FDCPA, you can sue them. The threat to suspend your license is a clear violation. Do not send them any more money or talk to them without seeking legal advice. Here is a good place to start: Barry sues debt collectors for violating the FDCPA, and he is the best in the business. If he can't help you, he can refer you to an attorney in your area.

    What do you mean by "passed down through a deceased family member"? Debts cannot be passed down. Make sure you are not paying amounts that you are not required to pay.

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