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    Miami, Florida My boss had a situation with the Hiltons hotels in Mexico last week, where she put $5000 dollars in the safe of the hotel, and when she went back to it, $1600 were missing. Cash money. They have lied to her about having cameras in that area of the building. They didn't have any and they said that between that time, nobody went in the safe, but they cant show any videos to prove it, so she had o come back and tried to fix it from here, but The Hilton's say that they cant do anything about it if the Hilton in Mexico doesnt take responsibility. I've heard of this "Line in Action", or "Linea de Acccion" en español from The New Herald, El nuevo Herald, And Univision, that help you solve this cases, with investigators and the law. In most cases they find a solution and get you what you requested plus they put those companies in the spot and usually they get in trouble. So, i wanted to know where can I get that 1-800 number and the email to send our story and the request for help and justice (ta-dadaaaaaaa) lol. By the way.... my boss heard about more cases like this one from the same Hotel in Cancun Mexico, with tourist from here, So its not the first time it happens. If you can help in any other way, i would also appreciate the ideas or opinions. If you're in South Texas and have this info, please share! thank you very much.

    Have you tried the websites? or googled it? Here is a site with the Miami Herald services listed. Try emailing them through the "Contact Us" dept. thing you could possibly do is contact the Hilton Hotel directly, it's an international chain, so they must have like a claims dept. or something. Here's the customer support: hope this helped a little bit! Good luck with everything and I'm sorry that this happened to your boss :/ Yeah, you can definitely present a case against them.

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    Domenic Skiles
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    Letha Blanda
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  • Alaina Weimann
    Alaina Weimann
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    Elmore Kerluke
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