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    I have a credit card from 1st Financial Bank since I was in college. The interest rate on my card is 19.99%. I have a balance of 2,500. I am trying for years now to pay off this card. I have paid more than the minimum payment and not getting anywhere. I called the credit card company to see if they can lower my interest rate but they told me no. What are other alternatives that can help me to reduce my credit card. Thanks

    First of all, sorry this answer is so long, but I'm just trying to help you out with everything I know about 1st Financial. I have that same credit card....1st Financial Bank USA (formerly 1st Financial Bank S.D.). They got me while I was in college too. Obviously, you already know from experience that the customer service reps are reluctant to share any information that could help you pay off your balance. I hate calling them. Here's what I recommend: Look at your last billing statement from them. Check to see exactly what your finance charge is. The exact dollar amount will be displayed in the details section of the statement, in the middle of the page. Take that finance charge amount and add it to your minimum balance. This is the REAL minimum you need to pay just to get your balance down each month. For example, my card balance is $2,800 w/ a 20% interest rate. My minimum balance is $66. But my monthly finance charge is $49. I can pay the $66 each month without penalty, but it won't decrease the balance because I'm still being charged the additional $49. Unless I actually pay $115 each month, my balance won't actually decrease ever. The only way it can decrease without paying for the finance charge is if the interest rate goes down, and we both know that's not gonna happen. It is possible to eliminate the finance charges by paying off your "new balance" in one billing period, which basically means paying your balance in full before the next bill. (The new balance is shown next to the finance charge on the bill.) But even then, that still won't eliminate the finance charge unless you've also paid the previous bill in full. (Yes, it's really messed up isn't it?) If you can manage to pay your minimum plus your finance charge each month, you will see your balance start to go down. If you can throw some more money on top of that, that will be even better for you. The only other thing I can think of is to transfer your balance to another credit card that has a much lower interest rate. Some other things I recommend since we're dealing with the same bank... If you choose to do a check-by-phone payment, they charge a $9 fee. If you try to make a payment using more than one payment method, it won't work. They only allow one payment method every 10 business days. If you send your payment via regular mail, and it arrives on the due date, you will still be charged a late fee if their mail is not delivered on time. Payments are due by a certain time on the actual deadline. Call them to find out what time, as I could not find it listed in the fine print on the back of the statement. Finally, read ALL of the fine print on the back of your statement. If there's anything you don't understand, make a note, then call them and make them explain it to you. It's your right to know, but they aren't always legally obligated to tell you unless you ask first. I've had numerous problems with this bank because they do not disclose the information that their customers are entitled to receive. They (or the post office) lost a payment of mine once, so I've never sent them a payment without a tracking number attached to it. They've also applied payments I've sent to the wrong card, even though I wrote my card # on the check. The only reason they admitted it was bcause I was able to prove that they cashed the check. They even changed my billing address to a doctor's house in Canada once. They admitted that it was an internal error, but refused to waive the late fees incurred because of this. It's ridiculous and terribly frustrating. Just keep an eye on your account and make sure they don't do anything stupid that could hurt you. Good luck with them!

    For Credit and finance solutions I recommend this website where you can find all the solutions. :What should I do about my credit card? I have a credit card from 1st Financial Bank since I was in college. The interest rate on my card is 19.99%. I have a balance of 2,500. I am trying for years now to pay off this card. I have paid more than the minimum payment and not getting anywhere. I called the credit card company to see if they can lower my interest rate but they told me no. What are other alternatives that can help me to reduce my credit card. Thanks Follow 8 answers

    This Site Might Help You. RE: What should I do about my credit card? I have a credit card from 1st Financial Bank since I was in college. The interest rate on my card is 19.99%. I have a balance of 2,500. I am trying for years now to pay off this card. I have paid more than the minimum payment and not getting anywhere. I called the credit card company to see if they...

    No moving money to your Capital One card won't help you just yet. You just need to pay as much as you possibly can towards your Bank of America card every month and do not use it at all. Clip coupons, downgrade your cable or cell phone package, eat mac and cheese a couple nights a week. You'll be surprised how much extra money you will have to put towards your credit card bill. That's the best way to pay it down. About the Avon account. It's time to talk to your mom. Tell her you need her to pay that off NOW it hurting your credit especially if they are calling you b/c she is late paying. You can also call Avon and see if you can be taken off the account you may need your mom's permission to do this but if you can you should and soon.

    Do you get junk mail about lower interest rate cc? Look at one of them & see if you are pre-approved for one that has a lower interest rate than the one you have now. Apply over the phone & make a balance transfer for the $2500. After they pay your other card, call your previous card & tell them you want to close your account. They will BS you around to try to keep it open but the ball is on your side now. OR, see if you can get a personal loan from your bank & make sure the rate is lower than your cc. Good luck!!!

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    Join a credit union and ask for a personal loan to pay it off. Personal loan at my local one is currently 10.5%

    You have too pay it off because the anks right now arnt giving out money. After you pay it off dont use any more.


  • Gerry Thiel
    Gerry Thiel
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  • Della Auer
    Della Auer
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  • Daphney Morar
    Daphney Morar
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  • Damien Steuber
    Damien Steuber
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  • Thomas Schimmel
    Thomas Schimmel
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  • Cody Stamm
    Cody Stamm
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