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    Ok, about 1.5 years ago I took my nephew on as part of my phone plan. He had a job and the premise was that he would pay me a certain amount each month. Yes, I was stupid to do this. For about 6 months after his phone line was activated he was paying his share. He then quit his job and sttopped paying me. He kept ignoring my phone calls and texts. I even suspended his line so he could get the message that I was serious about him paying. He paid two months out of the next 11. He recently wanted me to cancel his line, and it cost $180. Now I'm being nice and letting him pay only $125 of that. If he does not pay for his cancellation, I will be taking him to court not just for the $125, but also his unpaid months which altogether totals over $800, then add in court costs. The only proof I have of him not paying are saved texts of him ignoring me, but he has no proof whatsoever that he paid because he had paid me before in cash. I want to show him I'm serious and that he can't just get by in life by not paying his bills. With my proof and his lack thereof, would I have a chance in winning? I will not sue for the amount we had agreed on eAch month, but the amount that appears on eAch bill. The amount on eAch bill totals less than the agreed upon total.

    When you took your nephew on and agreed to pay his phone bill and have him reimburse you, did you get anything from him Texas WRITING, signed by him ? If not, you have no case, and he will argue in court that you did it out of family love. Legally, if it isn't in writing...IT ISN'T.

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