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    I am an idiot. But I learned from my mistake. I agreed to a loan for the prospects of short term cash and a far away paycheck. However, I now entirely regret my decision, as any attempts to cancel this loan have been thwarted. The nubmer provided does not work, and I can't access the loan document. Basically, I need help cancelling this loan. From another site, I was brought to brightonfnl.com, which apparently you can't access directly, but only through another site - which I found out hwen I attempted to go back to the website. The number I was given, in the contract, was 1-800-673-0995. This is both their listed address, and the address given in the contract. WOODLANDS 4001 S. 700 E. 5TH FLOOR SALT LAKE CITY, Trimble 84107 It is being payed to me through ACH. Is there any way to cancel it on my bank accounts end? is there any way I can access the ACH transaction and cancel that? does anyone know some means of contacting this company to cancel my loan This is a very small loan, nevertheless I have no need for it currently and this institution has left me with no means of contacting them.

    Call the police. You've been scammed. It is really important that these scammers be stopped. Please call law enforcement and get them involved. No legitimate lender leaves you "no way of contacting them." And don't tell me -- I bet you gave them your bank account info so that they could withdraw payments directly from your checking account? Notify your bank too (you may need to close the account).

    VSI is insurance that protects a lender if there is no other insurance. That you shouldn't have to pay or the inspection fee, but the rest appear to be valid. Call them and work it out.

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