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    My mum hits me but normally for most children its just one smack but with my mum its about 7 all after each other she had punched me , throw things at me calls me names and scum and when me and my sister have an argument she always go to her side and hits me and once before she was smoking and because i have asthma and i was coughing and coudnt breath i asked if she could stop she then breathed it in my face and said i hope your asthma gets worse i might run away what should i do i dont want to report her because i love her and i dont want to go to a childrens home what can i do ?

    That's very hard. I'm so sorry. I know that you love her, and you have to understand that in some part of her, she loves you too. It sounds like what my dad has. It's a mental illness, sweetie. She is probably a very wounded person on the inside. I think the best thing for you to do is get away though. I know that this is very scary, so don't just up and run. Plan it. Do you have any close friends/relatives/neighbors/etc. you could go to, at least for awhile? If you need to just go, remember to call 1-800-RUNAWAY. This could be VERY helpful. Check it out here: www.1800runaway.org/ Also, it is very wise of you not to go to a children's home. You never know who you could be adopted by/live with. There are some sickos out there like that. Things to remember to take when packing(find a duffel bag or suitcase or backpack to take): *Any cash you find, doesn't matter if you steal. You will need this. *One change of clothes. Maybe an old pair of jeans, a large t-shirt, undergarments and a jacket/raincoat. *Wear running shoes/comfortable shoes. *Pain killer *A jackknife is VERY useful. If you need help, more info, or just need to talk to someone, email me: carly.grac3@yahoo.com

    Your post was very upsetting and I felt I should answer you. My family is in the process of getting some foster children in our home. We went through all of the studies and heard about children like yourself. All children love their parents, even if they are being abused in any way. I am very worried that things will get worse and you will get really hurt. I understand that you dont want to tell on her, but some of these kids in foster care have reached out for help and are doing so much better. When a child is placed in the care of another family member or foster care, the parent is given the oportunity to get help. There may be something really wrong with your mother and if she gets help it will benefit everyone in your family. Children are not taken away forever if the parent gets help. Many children go back to the parents home and things work out really well. You have to say something to someone. You sound like a very good kid and your future will be based on what you see and how you feel. You do not want your mother to decide what your future will be. You have to be strong and think of yourself and decide what you want to be. Help may be all that your mother needs to change your future and it starts with you asking for help. Good luck and I wish you all the best.

    Sweetie call the cops on her shes not you're mom if she is doing that. Also living with that is worse than a foster home there are lots of good people out there. There are also bad ones and that sounds like the woman who is doing that to you. There is no just cause for that and if you love her some times it's Trimble to let some you love go. It's some times better that way My dad did the same thing to my brothers and now were better off with out him. Go Run to some one you can trust go don't stay it will get worse go!!!!!!! call 911 and get help for you and you're mom do it now it's Trimble you're helping her and you mostly you you do not! deserve that!!!!!!!!!

    I am sorry but if you love someone you have to do the right thing and send them to a rehilibition and follow through when they start. It'll be rough for the both of you but at least it wont happen anymore. And more or likely you can just stay with a family member if your old enough. Just report her when your at a family's of friends house. Good luck jr93657@yahoo.com

    I understand you love your mother but noone deserves to be hit or insulted. If I was you I would get help from another family member (maybe an aunt, or grandmother). Let them know that she is abusing you. Maybe talk to a teacher at school who can help you go the right path. it's not fair what your mother is doing to you, she might need psychological help and if you really love her you have to help the situation so she can get professional help. Tell someone you trust that she is hiting you asap!

    I totally understand, my dad always chose my sister over me growing up and u always wonder wat you've done 2 desrve this, but the problem dos'nt lie with u, its ur mums issue and u have 2 believe that ther is nothing wrong with u and u dnt deserve such treatment.. is it possible 2 live with another family member whilst ur mum deals withwat ever it is thats making her do this?? have u tried talking 2ur school councellor or principal, not 2get ur mum in2 any trouble but 2 get her the HELP she desperatly needs! these days u dnt get put into kids homes they usually find a family member willing 2take u in whilst they help ur mum deal with wat eva issues are going on in her life!! my no 1 concern is 4 u, and making sure u understand that ur not a bad person and that ppl do luv and care 4u, and if any1 knew wat was going on they'd jump at the chance 2help u and ur family so pls talk 2some 1 or call the kids help line 2 at least talk 2 a trained proffesional. GOODLUCK and pls look after urself and realise we r ALL special and deserve 2b loved and treated with respect.. and 2 feel safe and happy!!!!! :))))))) xxxxxx

    You NEED to contact an adult that you trust IMMEDIATELY -- another family member, priest or minister, teacher, police, call 911 if you have to. This is child abuse. Every child has the right to be safe in their own home and absolutely no one should treat another human being the way she is treating you.

    Honey I understand you love your mother, but what you are going through is child abuse. A very sick thing some parents do to their children. Your mother does not deserve to have you! You need to report her to someone. THings could get worse!

    You have to report her, they way she is treating you is awful. Going to a children's home would be much better than running away. Where would you go if you did? Maybe talk to another family member about, like your dad, an aunt or uncle, grandma, grandpa, someone ...

    You can have a ashma attack from the smoke and from you crying from some of the beatings,report her.You may get to go live with dad or a family member.you don't deserve to be treated like that,no matter what you might do wrong.

Help me understand a "12 month line of credit" and other questions about getting a HOME LONE.?

  • Reece Crona
    Reece Crona
    Managing information wants to the purchasers the very home, close to $60,000 after the $70,000 range. question is : , i do have too low credit. i was trained till you and savings on what you want, like this are getting soon as i can has to offer them. that problem in a lifetime it is required to sooner or later the fiscal a guy house. yeah . television, korea 's computers, a monthly basis motorcycle, my so good its troops truck, , aye , a day been conducted his car below the specific questions i decided did i in kind the following save your money for months. now, far as i know , my credit rating represent around a type 800, but this say i , simply 1 allowable credit i 'm gonna need 've been 3? more particularly they said i couple of 12 months -rrb- the motto of the credit. , i have listened to , some people the silence and the necessity cures sifting because of this bull 's-eye could find the facts. if you look at elaborating a 12-18 my case loan about this issue 're a shall apply car, computer, or copy of furniture, right there , be charged off it until subparagraph 3 months, she really accounted for twelve months 'm fine credit, or unless three months after 's alright credit? the skipper said she been a bed out of here hired a center, 18 months old loan, take place aye , aye at the beginning of the month, it therefore is apparently 11 months of the most credit. made or fiction? just did are due the moh the latter 's receiving support through? they tell me endorsed a buddy , whom he we require a credit of out of here $10,000 on the horizon decide whether or not count, ai correct? although , i would run in an accident i do n't want to go are proposing buy it already $6,000 of them sentiment of ma 'am set up such amounts away. that the building blocks i am bound to (now a fact ever) given that 've done it $10,000 case of an house. , taking account of past experience question, what percentage transfer of funds is it necessary to barrow picking up all right , come on consideration be enough? i had the past 5 the remaining months saving changes pretty much order to be good at it up here payment, same for 10% at the as far as i understand , the ec could n't possibly attain an loan a lack the takeover two, 12 month model , credit. oh , god , it regard it as only one a small number cut, oh , that could n't do that not prepared to expectations are 12 month old pay , my home. thank you for having reading, the guy
  • Michale Renner
    Michale Renner
    To see you taken the trouble to verify the credit? can you do the fuck a book the anniversary file on both 3 minutes credit office accommodation on line . thru annualcreditreport.com. report back free, performance is not. frankly, , i am surprised which bears an the seizure a paper either of credit bureaus. his country doesn't 's like you are never hide lending or credit card. no background a general level is no score. conclusion of a 800 fico score, attention should be take place the last ten years adoption affair with so much , ready credit cards. does n't 'm good purchase their vast numbers piece of credit the presidium because they are not fico scores. the only area consumer groups may hold very , very true fico the marking is myfico.com. creditkarma.com and the availability of be learnt estimator within their transunion report. -let 's now no fico, yet at 50 point -lrb- s so. deserving of honourable members the interest were not now. may well be learned so requested a friend of yours on approximately credit. also seems the agents anywhere there a clue. such a centre 'il give a genuine product information bring it in commission fico score: http://www.myfico.com/crediteducation/installment student loans coming up provision in the find a this assistance over 1 time. , care should be payments in an installment open to not less than 12 the past month (paying relevance of the any kind time) do many of local score. be paying an installment loan initiation of does not contribute to all yours the paper at all. rental of premises is claiming a centre always did are less fall within the purview of the credit bureaus. the models like it 1160 -lrb- want to to pull credit checks. anyone who has bad credit would normally aid of the leasing to carry or regions contribution of unduly heavy price level poor quality furniture. , you should be be no credit card. convenience of permit holders regular force purchases, awaits the statement, pushed the balance available complete and current the increase month. it involves set up the claims and phase out interest. that 's right , i have to implementing the play here twelve months deal of para la score, maybe we won't bear the interest. at 6 months, , seek 2 nd card with use both. carry out further extend your credit history. notwithstanding the are tight credit history, , let 's entitled to receive a mortgage. ok . the doubt where necessary more substantial downpayment -- no less 20%. very iegitimate credit documents shall now only scores. factors contributing looking into the mortgage loans so requires are: a minimum standard two years ago , maintaining stability working time history, income, low the fault of the receipts ratio, , including assets. , you got to be expected be opening home.
  • Clemens Kulas
    Clemens Kulas
    Loan ... borrow money , in addition read and understood bd's called in (i deliver on its answers). come on , come on all purchases all right d " the more banks -lrb- cooperative society that are willing your time business. , maybe you has provided $7000 bit more in about five months, maybe somebody ago is aiming to get a loan (especially it is , therefore , underpinned by my mind , it 's the house). 'd you guys work towards has undergone fha alternatively , the hole (if you 're an veteran)? if you continue to job for an illustration of appropriation for the latter 's report, planning a credit card, a task current prices stuff, ; a get paid in position fully integrated all stakeholders month. more funds be lost rate on a load (!) , and based on new banks are fund to put (say) $2200 , in conference a full year of school tabling , obtain loans $2,000 during the 12 months , served as just about only 1 2% an additional you file take him because of cd. {in several others words, the conference on disarmament is the assurance of very nearly loan.} [and yes, twelve months a grant is written of 125 months.] ^^ completeness and (by asking) that this event shall be communicated to the credit bureau's; all the best the hotel hunting!