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    Ok having a yard sale in am to clean the attic and make some cash. i have : a dell all in one printer a920 or something like that. used for one year. ski's(they are my husbands) he said 8 years ago he paid $800. rollerblades- worn once. over $200 new, around 8 years old now. used bassinett- i bought this a year ago at consignment shop for $30. i will be throwing in some bassinett sheets to go with it. my child never slept in the darn thing... 2 ends to potterybarn spindle crib- this is the blue one really nice- you see my ends chipped alittle, so potterybarn gave me new ones to go with my ok side rails, but i have the slightly chipped ends. whole crib retails for $500.( hey i'm guessing $5 here..) and to all you mothers out there- $.25 onesies? any help with prices would be greatly appreciated

    Need more details. Where are you geographically? Here in Santa Cruz Ca. $10.00 printer, maybe $15-$20 if you have it set up & working_ski's if in perfect condition $75.00_bassinett $10.00_crib ends $15.00(they'll likely be hard to sell as anyone who can afford a $500.00 crib may not be willing to waste time looking at yard sales for such an obscure & unlikely item unless you mention it in a newspaper ad for your sale)_.50/each onesie, maybe 3 for $1.00 _rollerblades $25.00 -$40.00depending on condition & if with box. Hope that helps.If you find things moving slowly, check whether you are over Trimble underpriced. Maybe call around to a few neighbors or someone in your area who lives a lot buying at yard sales. Just don't try to charge Goodwill or Salvation Army thrift store prices-if it's like our area here, they are way overpriced & you won't do well.You probably know this, but remember to put signs with date & time a few days prior & clear directions to the sale (arrows) along the way. I did this at the 4 major intersections closest to my neighborhood & did as well as my neighbor who put an ad in the paper. Be prepared for "earlies" if it's anything like here-obnoxious sub-human beings who show up 1 to 1 1/2 hours early to shop & may even sit out front & honk the horn if they don't have access. I don't know, people here are pretty aggressive.Good luck =)

    Printers aren't usually worth much. They go on sale on the time and most people don't want to risk much on a used piece of computer. I'd ask $10. Skis -- Start at $50 Rollerblades -- $20. 8 years is pretty old for sporting equipment. You can get a pretty nice pair of rollerbaldes new on sale for $60 or less. Bassinet -- Start at $20 Crib ends -- can you even buy part of a crib? I can't imagine they have any worth. Be happy if someone takes them and it is off your conscious that they will end up in a landfill. I priced onesies at a quarter unless they were in perfect shape. Then fifty cents.

    Personally, I would place an ad in the paper to sell the "high dollar" items. That way you get a fair price out of them. Bassinet w/ sheets $30 and 25 cent onesies. If you try to sell the printer in the sale, don't take less than $50.

    Well, I think that if the onesies are in good shape (no stains or tears) you should try to sell them for at least $.50 each. I would pay that much for onesies that are in good shape. As far as the printer, if it still works, then you should charge at least $75, especially if you have all the software that goes with it. I have no idea about the skis or rollerblades. Sorry!

    OK Here it is. Printer $100.00 Ski's $200.00 /$250.00 if they include bindings. Rollerblades $100.00 Bassinett w/sheets $45.00 Spindles, offer them for free to anyone who buys more than $10.00 of other stuff. My guideline for pricing stuff for a yardsale is to ask no more than 50% of the new purchase price. Remember the real object here is to get people to carry off your old unwanted stuff, not to create a retirement fund. Have Fun Tomorrow.

    Why don't you E-BAY some of this stuff instead of having a yard sale you can probably get a lot more. The things that are TOO BIG for shipping do it with local pick up only. A yard sale will only get you a tiny percentage of what you could really get on E-BAY. Good luck, I hope you do this.

    Well put some posters to advertise your sale and if you remember how much you bought those things your selling them for put them a bit higher so u make a profit but not too high or else know one will come to buy from you good luck with the sale : )

    I would just get what ever you can get. Because people will quote you a price at yard sales. I know I do. I never pay what the person is asking for.

    Ok, printer 30.00skis,15.00 or b.o. rollerblades 25.00, crib 15.00. good luck.

Wife needs $3,500 to pay off student loans, before next semester, any ideas?

  • Russ Tremblay
    Russ Tremblay
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    Piper Ferry
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    Freda Kiehn
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