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    I am going to Spain next year [April 3-12,2009] threw my highschool. And I know that it is a long way from now,but I rathe have things figured out WAY Trimble ADVANCED than have everything left to do at last minute. Well anyways, I have a mastercard debit card [ from washington mutual ] and the question that i have is anyone knows if that card & my mastercard credit card will work in Spain? Will it take it away by American dollars? Also, who knows the difference between their current and ours..? WIll all of my electronics work over there or is there something i can buy to connect it to their outlets? Thanks a bunch!

    Mastercards are accepted in Spain, and most of the rest of the world, for that matter, and are usually the best way to carry money. I'm pretty sure you can use a debit card just as a charge card, since they are supposed to work the same, and no one is supposed to know the difference when you are buying. Your debit card is probably the best way to get cash. Here's what to do to be ABSOLUTELY sure you know what you are getting into. Call the 800 number on the backs of both cards. Ask THEM if your cards are going to work in Europe/Spain. Check to make sure your PIN number is good (4 digits work, 5 digits don't...You either have to get a different card or a different number to use over there if it won't work.) DO NOT use your credit cards to get cash, unless in an emergency, because the fees for getting cash advances are high. Make sure you are going to get the best exchange rate (right now that's $1.58/1€, to answer that question, but it changes almost hourly) and the lowest exchange FEE. This should run between 1 - 3%. You always pay an exchange fee. It is one of the ways that banks make their money. You pay it when you change cash, traveller's checks, electronically, and on credit cards. When you use an ATM, you are charged a usage fee (if you are working outside your bank, which, in another country, of course, you are). Make sure you know what this is, and don't take out little amounts of money, but take an amount that works for you, and is enough so that you don't have to go and pay that fee too many times. When you get your statements, the banks should tell you how much you paid in Euros, the exchange rate charged, the dollar amount, and the fee charged. It should all be there. As for your electronics: YES, you will need a plug adapter. Be sure you get a Spanish one, because the ones for Europe that look the same are NOT the same size and will not work. Yes, you will need a voltage converter, which makes it possible for you to connect your 110 volt appliances to their 220 volt wall plugs. otherwise, their electricity will blow up your appliances within a minute or two. Some appliances can be purchased as dual voltage. My new curling iron actually changes voltage automatically inside. I don't even have to flip a switch anymore. Most hotels have hair dryers...don't even mess around with it. If you bring a camera with rechargable batteries, you will DEFINITELY want the converter for that...and know that you will have to recharge more often than you would here. Don't know why, we just found it to be true. Your cell phone probably won't work there, either. Call your provider to be sure, if you have one. And, there is NOTHING wrong with planning ahead. At this point, if you don't like the fees your credit card will charge you, you have plenty of time to try to get a different one. Capitol One is a good card for travelling. They only charged me 1% for that exch. fee. And travellers Checques are NOT a good way to go anymore...a lot of places won't even accept them any more, because they are too easy to forge. And have a great time!

    Yes, Mastercard credit and debit cards work in Spain. I've been using them for years in many countries. Charges and debits are in local currency and will be converted to dollars on your statement at the then-current exchange rates. This is the best way to spend money since debit and credit cards are converted at the wholesale exchange rate, not the less favorable retail rate given for using cash and travelers checks. Spain uses 230v electricity, so you will need both a voltage converter and a plug converter. (Their electrical outlets are different from ours.) I've seen American appliances occasionally fry even with a voltage converter, so buy a good one and don't take any appliances that you don't want to risk destroying. When I was a travel agent, I always suggested to clients that they leave the electrical stuff at home. It's less crap to pack and carry around. The locals won't mind if your hair doesn't look quite as nice as usual! Have fun!

    Yes, debit/ATM cards work in most places in Spain. You will be charged a fee by your bank for each transaction, so it's best to take out the maximum with each transaction. It will dispense Euros. Important caution: Most European ATMs will only accept four-digit PINs, so if yours is more than that, you'll need to set a new one. Re voltage: Spain (like most EU countries) uses 230 volts. The US uses 110. You will need a voltage converter and a plug adapter. If you're using your voltage converter for digital devices (i.e. for charging your phone or PDA), you'll want a low watt rating, like 50 or 100. If you're using it for high wattage appliances like a hair dryer, you'll want one that supports 50-1600 watts. (These can only be used for short periods of time, and are not good for digital devices. ) You can get voltage converters and plug adapters from various travel websites or Radio Shack; also, many travel stores will have them. I've even seen them at Bed and Bath stores; go figure.

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    Yes if the business/establishment accepts MasterCard. You might be charged an extra fee for an international transaction though... check with WAMU. You will be charged in USD. Well your bank will do all the details and such.

    Dunno about ur WamU card, but they use Euros in Spain. And the Euro / Dollar ratio changes daily, so just look it up (or you can google x amount of dollars = ___ euros. And your electronics, I live in New York but lived in and around Spain for a while, and their plugs are different and use much less voltage. What I did (to play my american PS2) is you need to find an adapter, where you plug in your American appliance, flip the switch from the american voltage to the european one, and just plug it in, and ur good.

    I am not sure but you should talk to you bank

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