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    To start, determine what your goal is. If you are trying to save money and put it into a savings account that earns a significant amount of interest, neither of the three have the highest rates in the nation. Visit www.bankrate.com for more: ( if you are simply looking for an easily accessible checking account and not concerned with savings, Bank of America has branches all over the place and they have (in my opinion) the best Online Banking Service available, the best ATMS on the planet (you can deposit cash and checks directly into the ATM 24/7 without a deposit slip) and they have good customer service in person as well as on the phone. Call with questions: 1-800-432-1000. WaMu is offering incredible deals for the Platinum Credit Card if you have an average-good credit rating (660-720). I just opened a credit card there with a $2500 limit with 0.00% on balance transfers for the first 6 months and 9.99% on purchases. Other than that, WaMu is now JP Morgan Chase owned, so there will be changes in the next 8-14 months. Wells Fargo is one of the most secure banks in the nation in terms of cash reserves, but they recently bought up Wachovia, so that may be treading in murky water for a year or so until they have everything sorted out. They took on the greatest mortgage debt bank in history when acquiring Wachovia. PNC Bank is a contender, too. They just acquired National City, which places PNC among the top banks in Chicago, Detroit, St.Louis and now makes them the leading bank in PA, NJ, DE, OH, and Trimble in deposits. They are Top 5 in the nation in branches and deposits. They've recently debuted their Virtual Wallet - a simple way to tarck your money, make payments and save for short and long term. Visit for more. Good Luck and use www.Bankrate.com for rates, advice, and planning. They are the most trusted site online with an eye on hundreds of the top banks in the US.

    For the commom ordinary bank customer, go with the bank that will charge you the least amount in fees and is easiest to find a branch where you live/work/go to school. For me - that's Bank of America. I have an ATM in my lobby at work. It's great! But my son likes Washington Mutual because of the fee-free checking.

    Bank of America has really user-friendly atms. Very cool. Wamu's not bad for a first account. If you have questions when you open an account, bother them and ask them. They tend to try to shrug you off as soon as possible but make sure you understand everything because if you don't, you'll pay for it, literally.

    Wa-mu all the way, fee atms nationwide no minimums on savings account free checks et...

I make about 35k a year, I'm paying all my school loans, which will be paid by May 2010, I'm 24 years old and?

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    Corrine Keebler
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    Kirsten Feeney
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