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    My son just bought a car today from an ad on craigslist. It was not a dealership, rather a 19 year old selling his car. Everything seemed ok until we got the title, after we had paid $1,800 for the car in cash. The title is a little muddled; the person who sold it to us today is not on the title at all. He bought it from another person, who had not registered it in his name, either. So the car has changed ownership three times and not transferred through the Department of Motor Vehicles. My son is now faced with paying all of the transfer fees up to this point, the late penalites because it wasn't transfered within the 30 day time frame, in addition to the taxes he would have normally had to pay. That's assuming we can even track down all of the previous owners to sign the REG262 form that is required from each seller up to this point. My son is going to contact the guy he bought it from tomorrow and request that he pay all of the previous transfer fees. If the guy refuses, do we have recourse under any type of rescission period or law? What can we do? If my son can't register the car, its worthless to him and he's lost $1,800. We are in California, if that makes any difference.

    I took every precaution I knew to take. I had him take it to our mechanic and have an inspection done. I then had them smog it to make sure it passed. My son put $145 into the car today before even buying it to make sure he wasn't going to lose the money. We had no reason to even think there was a problem with the title until after the money was already handed over. It passed smog and our mechanic gave it a good report.

    This is an illegal transaction. The seller did something called 'title skipping', which is illegal in all 50 states. Ask the seller for your money back and if he refuses, you will need to take him to small claims court. The judge should reverse the transaction that wasn't legal in the first place and the previous owner will need to either register the vehicle before he sells it or sue the prior 'owner' that did that same thing to him.

    Next time, teach your child not to pay $1800 for a car that's useless to him. A simple look at the title should have told him to stay away. Recession period ? Are you kidding ? Sure, you can SUE the guy that sold the car, assuming you can ever find him. You might even win. Chances of collecting ? VERY SLIM. Winning a suit doesnt force the other guy to pay up. Its up to you to collect. So 5 months from now and $75 later you have a piece of paper that says the other guy owes you $1875. Thats not a marketable asset. Look into getting a temporary tag and then a bonded title. Or just track down the first guy on the title, get him to apply for a replacement and sign it over to you. He wont want to pay for it and it will take a month or so. A bonded title will allow you son to register & drive the car. Its effectively insurance that nobody will claim its their car. and if they do, the bonding company will pay them and then collect from you. A bonded title is not cheap. But it might be quicker than your other solutions. Then again, maybe not. The previous transfer fees are kind of a moot point. Unless each & every one of them titles in in their name, its not happening. If you cant get the seller to do anything for you upon threats, you should probably just forget about suing him and take matters into your own hands via a bonded title or an abandonded title or something like that. Unless you really want a piece of paper that says the other guy owes you $1875. It wont make the car registerable.

    No. There is no legal right to return a vehicle. Private party car sales are always presumed to be "as is" transactions. Sorry, but your son is going to learn an expensive lesson. Check the title before buying and never buy a vehicle with an open title.

    In case you have a guaranty that covers the situation that brought about it to interrupt down, then it is going to be lined. If no longer, then all economic responsibilities to restoration the automobile are your accountability. with the aid of fact it rather is purely been a pair of days, I propose you call the broker that bought you the automobile and notice in the event that they are going to help restoration the automobile or cover the fees. Be advantageous approximately it with the aid of fact they're below no criminal criminal accountability that can assist you, in any respect. Edit - issues that help you with restore costs are called warranties. that's what protects you. in case you probably did no longer purchase or negotiate one, you're SOL. the only state that has any regulations in making confident a used automobile is particular movements are taken place to establish a automobile is roadworthy is Massachusetts and that, for sure, does not be conscious to you. in case you already think of you be attentive to each little thing, then i do no longer comprehend why you're asking the question.

    Lesson learned costly error


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