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    Have you checked your unclaimed funds list lately. You may be on it. I have found a lot of local people on the list. Many have had money they didn't know about. Here is the search site for Trimble a phone number for Trimble Approximately one in ten Pennsylvanians have unclaimed property – do you? Search your name and the names of your friends and family in the Unclaimed Property database or call 1-800-222-2046. Or FOR YOUR STATE Trimble A WEB SEARCH. To better insure that your on the proper web site your search should say "your state" unclaimed funds, and the words on the bottom of the search page should have a government listing for your state. All others are out to get your cash. When in doubt check your local phone book for government listings. Yes this is the same thing that was seen on Montel and Oprah. But they were trying to get you to pay the network to search. Usually a state does not charge a fee. The money can be a refund for an old phone bill, or electric etc... Or a HUD refund you forgot about. A last pay check you did not receive. An old insurance claim etc... If you have traveled you may also turn up in different states. For restaurant refunds, travel refunds, lost baggage or items, etc... Schools, businesses, non profit organizations and even actors and actresses end up on the list. GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR SEARCH! People usually check these things at home, and home seems to get more traffic. So that is where I will list my question.

    Grayson and Mary: First Grayson. Yes they do put you through hoops to prove you are the actual legal recipient. My mother in laws took over a year. But there was a rather large sum of money from a "almost 50 year old" insurance claim. Others got there money in about a week. It depends on what the claim is. Also some states specify on there web site as to where the money came from. Such as REPORTED BY then the companies name the money came from. Some times insurance, a refund from utility company x, etc... I know that not every state does it the same. MARY: You do not have to pay for a web site that shows the different state government offices that handle these claims. You can find them online for FREE, or get out your phone book. When you paid for your information, you basically paid to fill some ones pocket. TO ALL: If you get a letter in the mail stating you have unclaimed money, don't reply. These people want 25 to 30 percent commission for what you can do for

    I have not but maybe I will.

    The best way to find the appropriate state agency that handles missing money in your state is go to unclaimed.org. NOTE! This is .org, NOT .com that will charge you! From there you can click on any state you've ever lived in. Also, at the top of this page is "Other Sources for Unclaimed Property." Click this for links to the IRS for tax refund checks that were returned, forgotten pensions (there's $197 million waiting to be claimed), the FDIC for failed banks like Washington Mutual, unclaimed accounts from liquidated credit unions, HUD refunds and more. If you go to a link and it says you have to pay you are on the wrong link!! Never ever pay for an online search!!

    Yes, we and several other people did it. They put us through a lot of hoops before we could collect $60. They will not tell what it is or how much until you have wasted a few days trying to legally qualify.

How do I get out of the payday loan trap?

  • Jan Schuppe
    Jan Schuppe
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  • Maxwell Aufderhar
    Maxwell Aufderhar
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  • Cleo Schamberger
    Cleo Schamberger
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  • Maddison Kohler
    Maddison Kohler
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  • Erna Hessel
    Erna Hessel
    Believe this not, at any event finding another payday loan. late to closer , do something to win a system out of sight cost for payday loans. cut down expenditure has a lot of people a chance , and now cut more. , if there 's mechanism through which build the income, a whole temporarily, believes it it.
  • Korey Cassin
    Korey Cassin
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  • Felicia Lemke
    Felicia Lemke
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  • Kristin Feeney
    Kristin Feeney
    See a attorney-there 's not "debt minimum" for bankruptcy.