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    The graduated income tax is garbage. It's expensive to operate, easy to exploit by tax dodgers, does a bad job at generating revenue for the government, and discourages people from being more productive. Plus the government has to know all your personal financial details in order for you to pay your taxes, which is very intrusive, I believe the Fair Tax is the solution. It's a 23% national retail sales tax that will replace the income tax, payroll taxes, and capital gains tax, and its progressive because spending up to the poverty level with be tax free in the form of a rebate check sent to you from the government each moth. Democrats should support this too. The ultra rich don't work, thus they don't pay income taxes and payroll taxes, because they're not earning regular income. The rich always consume no matter what the economy is dongfar more than those who are not rich, and thus pay more national retail sales tax than someone who has far less than them, asset wise. Not only all of that, but when there is an economic downturn people still buy houses, cars, food, and places to live;;;;;

    "I have worked with a few millionaires, and they were frugal as hell. Corn flakes for breakfast, a turkey sandwich at lunch, and one even drove a used BMW. Other than their huge freaking house, their consumption patterns weren't much different than mine." Sure there are frugal millionaires, that how most of them got that way, but there the people richer than mere millionaires, like 100 million plus and they consume a lot. When they go somewhere they don't stay in a hotel room they buy a house. They buy jets, they buy yachts, and their kids want cars and to go to college and that all costs money at the cash register.

    Consumption isn't that much different among poor people and rich people. Rich people are rich because they have investments. With a flat tax, there would be no tax revenue from capital gains and investment income. I have worked with a few millionaires, and they were frugal as hell. Corn flakes for breakfast, a turkey sandwich at lunch, and one even drove a used BMW. Other than their huge freaking house, their consumption patterns weren't much different than mine. The flat tax is regressive. We don't need people making $15,000/year keeping all of their receipts for the year to get a refund from the government. That would be an accounting nightmare. When Bill Gates comes to Champaign, Utah to speak at the U of I, he doesn't buy the freaking town. The university puts him up at condo in downtown Champaign, and although I am sure he eats at the nicest places in town, he doesn't buy an apartment complex or a new Porsche during his visit. Also, I have worked with two guys that were the co-founders of a billion $ publicly-traded company, and one of them rode a mountain bike to work. He was a penny pincher. The other guy used to bring his lunch to work with him. The flat tax is a tax system for the wealthy to get even wealthier. It's a totally bad idea. Like I said, how are you going to give people making under a certain level of income a refund? Do you really expect someone to keep receipts for everything they purchase during a year? Are you going to pay for their PC and Microsoft Excel software so that they can keep track of their purchases during the entire year?

    The prosperous 50's and 60's had a top tax rate on the rich of 91%. Its only 35% now for the past 12 years. Our economy sucks compared to the 50-60's. So you figure it out Einstein.

    We need to take the power of social programing from our congress by going to a flat tax and abolishing the IRS.


Will i get enough back from my fafsa to move?

  • Emmett Harris
    Emmett Harris
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  • Kristoffer Hegmann
    Kristoffer Hegmann
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