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Payday Loan in Vermont

    I have a 98 Chevy Cavalier with 183,000 miles on it. The body is in pretty good shape with 1 minor rust spot about the size of an eraser on a pencil. The body is unaltered and there's no paint work/no accidents. The upholstery and carpet are in very good condition, no smoking, and locks, radio, A/C, heat, etc. all work fine. There are no squeaks and no trouble with the engine or transmission. I was told at the national chain that I took the car to for repairs, that the oil and the transmission are leaking. I've never seen puddles in my parking space so I don't believe the leaks are major. I have some maintenance records available and the title is clean. I'm thinking I should advertise it as a mechanic's special for $300 because it needs a brake booster installed and the brakes need to be replaced. I went to a national chain and was told it would cost me about $800 for the all the brake work for it to pass inspection. I don't have the money to do the work since I'm not working as much and would like to sell the car and get a bit of cash for it. The KBB fair value for private party sales says it's worth (if brakes were not in need of replacement) $1,295. How much would you ask for the car if you were selling it or how much would you be willing to pay for this car if you were in the market?

    Start at $750 and take $500 for it. If you're willing to take $300 call a scrap yard, they'd probably give you that much for it and you don't have to deal with potential buyers.

    The Kelly Blue e book is backed and dispensed by capacity of a used automobile broker association. you do no longer want any numbers out of that. Use the NADA instruction manual. The instruction manual supplies {or use to grant} 3 values: one million) public sale fee 2) loan maximum 3) broker retail. you ought to sell your automobile a minimum of public sale fee because it is the genuine fee of the vehicle. you may start up out 1000 money above and then permit the customer negotiate you down (so they experience like they have been given plenty). the web NADA instruction manual seems to grant distinctive numbers... commerce-in numbers. i might examine the paperback version before putting the cost, however the web version says $10,600 (utilising a Vermont zip code) for a sparkling commerce-in... yet you're no longer procuring and merchandising something in.

    Start at 700 but dont go lower than 500.


    500.00 If it runs and drives it worth that!

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  • Tracey Moore
    Tracey Moore
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  • Ernie Morissette
    Ernie Morissette
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  • Dixie Runolfsdottir
    Dixie Runolfsdottir
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