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Payday Loan in Vermont

    I RECIEVED A LETTER Vermont THE MAIL STATING I WON A SWEEPTAKES DRAWING. THE COMPANY IS UNIVERSAL FINANCIAL BENEFIT. the letter states i won 120,000.00 united state dollars. i have a claim # but they also say for me to call this #1-416-831-4389 and the person Ashley Moore will remove the security code of the check i recieved of 4,800.00 dollars and activate the check. The letter says this is because of all the scam checks going around, and also so the wrong person does not try to cash the check. But the company said contact Ashley Moore before trying to claim the rest of my winnings. They also said i have to quote my claim # to avoid giving away the winning information to the wrong person. there is a simulted watermark on it that if held right you can see it to say secure document. i just want to know if this is really or does this sound like one of those letter scams?

    Area code 416 is Toronto. And it IS a scam. There are no winnings to be had - only losings.



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    Dandre Kessler
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    Ruben Cartwright
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    Rhea Bruen
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    Carmen Collier
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    Ernest Hoppe
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    Leopold White
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    Arnaldo Bogan
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    Ward Davis
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    Santino Robel
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    Ramon Thompson
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    Dayana Koch
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