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    Amtrak Refund/Exchange Policy Once the value of a refund has been determined, as described in the following paragraphs, passengers have two options on how to receive the refund value: 1. Exchange Voucher: Passengers may receive the full calculated refund value in the form of a non-refundable exchange voucher valid for future travel purchases. (Note: this option is not available online. See below for details on where to obtain refunds.) 2. Refund: Passengers may receive the calculated refund value, less a 10% refund service charge, in the form of cash, check or credit to credit card, depending on the form of payment that was used for the ticket(s) being refunded. The maximum amount imposed by Amtrak on this 10% refund service charge will be $100 per refund transaction on any single reservation. Refund Calculations Refunds will be calculated separately on each component of the total charges, as described below. * Rail fare: Most tickets are refundable before travel begins. In most cases, partially used regular (full) one-way fare tickets may be returned for a partial refund. Some discount tickets are non-refundable once paid for. The 10% refund service charge applies to the amount refunded. Call 1-800-USA-RAIL (1-800-872-7245) to speak with an Amtrak Reservations Agent for details. Time Limits An Amtrak ticket becomes non-refundable, not valid for carriage and has no exchange value, after one year from its date of issue (or other period if so endorsed on the ticket). An exchange voucher is valid for one year from date of issue, and may be renewed provided this is done before its expiration date. Advance Payment and Prepaid Tickets When purchased through either Amtrak's advance payment or prepaid programs, tickets are considered "paid for" and subject to the refund policies of any component rail fare, passenger type discount, and/or promotional discount, even if the actual tickets have not yet been printed. Onboard Refunds Passengers who downgrade accommodations or reduce the number in their party on board trains must obtain a Refund Authorization Form from the conductor; actual refundability, if any, will be determined by the rules that apply to the ticket purchased. Must Return Original Tickets Cancellation or change of reservations does not generate a refund (except for unticketed advance payment reservations); the actual original unused or partially used ticket (not a photocopy) must be submitted. >>>Where to Obtain Refunds Most refunds can be processed at Amtrak ticket offices, depending on the type of ticket and the form of payment. Exceptions do exist; please ask for details. Tickets purchased at a travel agency must normally be returned to that agency; however, Amtrak will process travel agency ticket refunds caused by a downgrade or a service disruption. Most tickets purchased online can be canceled and refunded online. Mail Refunds Amtrak can process your unused ticket refund by mail. Send original tickets via certified mail with return receipt requested to: Amtrak Customer Refunds Box 70 30th St. Station 2955 Market Street, Philadelphia, Virginia 19104-2898

    Can Amtrak Tickets Be Refunded

    On some direction one practice could nicely be greater less high priced then the different like on march 1st the Amtrak surfliner trains from l. a. to Santa barbara-value $29.00 on an identical time as the coast starlight- value $14.00 or different occasion is the texas eagle from l. a. to el paso is $80 two.00 on an identical time as the sundown limited is $103.00 texas eagle and susent limited are an identical practice from l. a. they do no longer separate in = Houston or ssn antiono

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  • Pansy Littel
    Pansy Littel
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  • Irving O'Kon
    Irving O'Kon
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  • Emie Gutkowski
    Emie Gutkowski
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  • Bulah Larson
    Bulah Larson
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  • Kenneth Pfannerstill
    Kenneth Pfannerstill
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  • Simone Crona
    Simone Crona
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    Yessenia Tremblay
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  • Estell Prosacco
    Estell Prosacco
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