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    I have two questions. 1) What music should we play? 2) What is a good trio name? Some background: Two of my friends and I are setting up a string trio to play at weddings and such so that we can earn some extra cash. The violinist and I are freshmen and the cellist is a junior in high school. (Although we sound young... trust me, we can play really advanced stuff. We play in a specialized arts school that is one of the best in the USA). But the problem is that none of us have ever played a wedding gig before. So we don't know what to call ourselves or what to play. I have some pieces from a wedding album that has Water Music, Ave Maria, Canon in D, Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring, and a few others. But i'm not really sure of what all to play. And as far as the trio name goes, can anyone help me think of a mature and sophisticated name that is also tweaks interest (If that's too much, then i just want something mature!)? I have one name in mind... the Web Trio because those are the initials of our last names. But it doesn't have a ring to it. So any answers will be appreciated! Thanks :)

    Same post as other place: I have owned an incorporated business in Virginia since 1984, doing what you want to. In this economy, business has never been worse - or competition for gigs more serious. This is hardly a way for KIDS to *earn some extra cash* - no mater how cheap you are, there are pros who have a HUGE repertoire and library, decades of experience - and are willing to cut their price, just to keep working. But if you must - go to www.lastresortmusic.com. Go to Music for Three - and buy a few sets of volumes. This will be an investment of a few bucks - EACH volume of EACH set is $17.50. ONE PERSON should buy and own all the music - groups split up and if you each own own book, nobody can play, can they? My trio has a repertoire - and I own - at least 800 selections - and I also own play in and manage several other groups - but then, we have been doing this professionally for decades. I can find great players EVERYWHERE - but it is having the music that matters. Yous also need business cards ( free at Vistaprint), contacts, advertising - and mainly, you have to wait of us pros to retire or DIE!

    Visit the music store that sells music to orchestra. Ask to see any wedding music that they have for 2 violins and a cello or even for violin and cello. You need a lot of standard wedding marches Besides what you will find in wedding albums Brandenburg arrangements Anything by Vivaldi Four Seasons is good for a lot of things Look at selections are for quartet but there are trio versions also. You need 15 minutes of music to play before the wedding and 15 minutes to play after the wedding.

In SimCity for iPod how do you keep from losing money every month?

  • Filiberto Kilback
    Filiberto Kilback
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  • Raheem Kassulke
    Raheem Kassulke
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