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    Female is existing a parking lot and clips the side of a SUV going about 2-3MPH because she doesn't look left. She is 18 and has her Virginia permit but got license 2 days later. My cars bumper gets ripped off somehow, other car has a very small scrape on the side(pic related). Guy (Hispanic race) asks for $1000 on the spot, I say no and give him $300 cash until we resolve things. He leaves when police shows up Meet up next day and he gives me a $1,800 cash estimate or use insurance. I say no way I'm paying 1800. I tell him to give me my $300 and Ill use my insurance like he stated. He sais he doesn't have my $300 and literally gets in car and drives away ( 4 witnesses ) I am not going to use my insurance because Ive had a previous accident and cant afford this to be on insurance. Female(Hispanic guys) insurance calls and sends me letters telling me legally I need to use my insurance but I refused. Will probably go to court. So tell me am I ****** or what is my best option, THANK YOU SO MUCH.

    This is another perfect example of what can happen when people foolishly try to settle outside of insurance. Do you actually believe that if your insurance rate goes up. (It may not) that it would go up $1800.00 ? Don't be stupid. Try to get your $300.00 back and even if you don't get it back, file a claim with your insurance company. Next time.... Use your head.... USE YOUR INSURANCE WTF do you think it is for?

    If you find a body shop to do it for half the price he did, the judge should accept it Don't see why they wouldn't, but then the laws are a little different here in the UK.

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