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    I requested and got a quote from a moving company to move my belongings from Philadelphia Virginia to Phoenix for a price of $800.02. I have heard of many horror stories in the past about the scams that these moving companies pull to try and get money from you when they arrive. It has currently been 3 weeks and they have not delivered my stuff nor returned any phone calls to them. I am preparing for the worst and where they will be charging me upwards of $1,500 dollars. So far we have paid $510.00 in cash and they say another amount will be due when they arrive. When they picked out stuff up they charged us extra since they had to walk a far distance to truck and also to cover beds. When and if they ever do show up and I am faced with these high prices what can I do to not pay them. I am guessing they will hold my stuff hostage so if I do pay them would it be best to go to small claims court?

    Yes, you fell for the scam. You need to go to movingscam.com and input your information there. They may be able to assist you n the best process to take. Expect to pay much more than 1500.00. Think about it, you cannot rent a uhaul for that amount and when you start adding fuel and labor. You really did not think about that way, you were just thinking bout the cheapest price and went with it. Expect damages, later delivery, no contact form the company and you may even get your items. This move is about a 3000.00 dollar minimum move and you receive a quote for under 1000. Check your company out at and see their record if they are even licensed to do interstate moves. Source(s):

    Get a lawyer and get them now. 3 weeks from Virginia to Phoenix is way out of line.

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  • Christine Lind
    Christine Lind
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  • Omari Okuneva
    Omari Okuneva
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    Deondre Macejkovic
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    Keenan Jenkins
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    Jordon Ortiz
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