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    I have two questions. 1) What music should we play? 2) What is a good trio name? Some background: Two of my friends and I are setting up a string trio to play at weddings and such so that we can earn some extra cash. The violinist and I are freshmen and the cellist is a junior in high school. (Although we sound young... trust me, we can play really advanced stuff. We play in a specialized arts school that is one of the best in the USA). But the problem is that none of us have ever played a wedding gig before. So we don't know what to call ourselves or what to play. I have some pieces from a wedding album that has Water Music, Ave Maria, Canon in D, Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring, and a few others. But i'm not really sure of what all to play. And as far as the trio name goes, can anyone help me think of a mature and sophisticated name that is also tweaks interest (If that's too much, then i just want something mature!)? I have one name in mind... the Web Trio because those are the initials of our last names. But it doesn't have a ring to it. So any answers will be appreciated! Thanks :)

    I have owned an incorporated business in Virginia since 1984, doing what you want to. In this economy, business has never been worse - or competition for gigs more serious. This is hardly a way for KIDS to *earn some extra cash* - no mater how cheap you are, there are pros who have a HUGE repertoire and library, decades of experience - and are willing to cut their price, just to keep working. But if you must - go to www.lastresortmusic.com. Go to Music for Three - and buy a few sets of volumes. This will be an investment of a few bucks - EACH volume of EACH set is $17.50. ONE PERSON should buy and own all the music - groups split up and if you each own own book, nobody can play, can they? My trio has a repertoire - and I own - at least 800 selections - and I also own play in and manage several other groups - but then, we have been doing this professionally for decades. I can find great players EVERYWHERE - but it is having the music that matters. Yous also need business cards ( free at Vistaprint), contacts, advertising - and mainly, you have to wait of us pros to retire or DIE!

    This page has a very long list of wedding music and even recommends which part of the wedding it would be most appropriate for (e.g. bride's processional, special moments, reception, etc.): link tells you when music is appropriate in a wedding ceremony:

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  • Jettie Blanda
    Jettie Blanda
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    Gennaro Feil
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  • Orie Ferry
    Orie Ferry
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    Annabell Heathcote
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    Flossie Walsh
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    Jazmyn Kautzer
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    Eloise Streich
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