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    I have been saving $200/weekly for a new car (I have one thats working fine now, im looking to get a Totoyta Prius next year sometime). I have $1,000 saved up already...and go figure our washer & dryer went. We found the pair we like (Whirlpool Duets) and the total cost is going to be about $1,800. So i'm kind of stuck in a dilema. I'm really proud of myself for saving up the money.. and right now i have one of two options: 1) I can use $1,000 cash as a payment. Then the remaining $800 will be split up ($400 on my credit card, $400 on my fiances, each with 18% APR *which we can actually pay off within a month or two) Washington 2) Use credit cards only, $500 on my fiances and about $1,000 on mine *we have SOME cash to put towards this* Do i sacrafice what i've saved for a new car and get the washer & dryer to keep what i put on my credit cards low? Or do i use my credit cards, because i worked so hard to save up the CAR money (NOT washer & dryer money haha). THANKS.

    Use the cash for most of it...why pay out more in finance charges and interest if you dont have to...if you have been putting 200 a week away for a car for next year you can quickly recoup what you had saved......dont waste the money on interest.

    Use it for the washer and dryer--that's your current need. While it's great to save for a car, you NEED a new washer and dryer. With being married, next tax season will bring some great refunds. Remember that. But right now, try to stay away from the credit cards as much as possible. Why do you HAVE to have $1800 washer/dryer? Why not just purchase a $1000 washer/dryer? You can find just as great washer and dryers for under $1000. Look at up on Consumer Reports. Don't become the stereotypical American and that you MUST get the newest and most expensive item. Don't start your marriage in debt. Trust me. You two need to read Dave Ramsey's "Total Money Makeover"--it's going to be an eye opener.

    1. You can use the money to get the washer/dryer, or you can buy something less expensive. who needs all those bells and whistles on things to wash clothes? 2. You can keep the money for the car... 3. You can buy the expensive and un necessary washer/dryer, and then save 225.00 a month until you've saved up the difference of what you spent, then go back to saving the 200.00. 4. You can work OT and get the money for the washer/dryer. 5. You can get a loan from your bank and pay it off on time. 6. You can go to the washateria/laundrymat until you have saved money to cover the cost of the appliances. But I'd save the money I had already saved, and buy a more sensible and practical washer/dryer if you really need one.

My ISP is a Jerk(To Put It Lightly)... Is This The Right Way To Handle The Situation...?

  • Emanuel Smitham
    Emanuel Smitham
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  • Hunter Lebsack
    Hunter Lebsack
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