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    I was in a 5-1 ARM and now the mortgage rate has reset bringing my payment from 800's to 300's with property tax included. I now have an extra 5-600 dollars per month but I am trying to figure out how to attack this underwater mortgage. The numbers: I owe 120K on my condo that zillow is saying is worth 53k. My rate is 2.65% until FEB '12 any the odds of it fluctuating are low. It cannot move any more than 2.25% in any one adjustment. So do I take advantage of the low rate and pay down the principal. I could make 1k monthly payments on the principal without any effect to my budget. Washington do I save (401K, Roth, Cash) for the next house since this condo isn't going anywhere anytime soon. I have no kids, no wife, 0 credit card debt, no student loans, 1 auto loan. TIA J

    First question is do you love and plan to keep the condo? If so. the yes, attack the principle with all you have, and get it paid off. You can later save for a down payment on another home. But concentrate on this one first.

    Yes you can take the advantage of the low rate and pay down the principal.

The Payday Loan company lends you $500. After 2 weeks you pay back $520. What is the simple interest rate?

  • Jackson Zulauf
    Jackson Zulauf
    , p % of the shares by year p= principal, =500 i=interest, in $. (520-500)=20 t=time of several years 2 weeks=2/52=0.03846 recent years r=20/500(0.03846) r=20/19.23 r=1.04 of coming into a i capacity as name that cent, is increased \ xc2 100 r=1.04 a cross 100=104%
  • Romaine Rutherford
    Romaine Rutherford
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