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    My father is in a rough spot right now.. My parents got divorced years ago but before that they both could afford to pay for the condo for $1,200 a month. After the divorce my dad couldn't pay for it by himself, so applied for refinance, which they took down to $800-900 a month, but for a 40 year loan, he declined. Now we have a sheriff's sale notice that our home is going under auction on November the fourth, and we are wondering if: 1) Approximately how long do we have until we have to move out 2) If we buy a new condo in cash will the banks attack us??? PLEASE DONT TELL US TO PAY OFF THE LOANS WITH THE CASH WE HAVE-- we have 2 loans, the first for $100,000 and the second for about $20,000 plus a bunch extra bull added on that. My dad quit paying the mortgage because he knew he couldn't afford this condo, so he started saving the money and now we only have $50,000 for a new house in cash. If I could, I would help him by getting a job but I am only a 14 year old girl and nobody would hire me.

    Depnds on the state. find out if your state is a "recourse" or "non-recourse" state. If it's non-recourse....that means the ONLY thing the bank can come get is the house back, no matter how much you owe and what it's worth. If it's a recourse state.....then technically they can take the house, sell it, and then come back for more if that didn't cover the note. BUT, (and I'm no lawyer or true expert) I doubt they would do that. It's VERY time consuming and expensive. I'd expect a bank to just write the thing down and be done with it (probably already have). Also, there are states like Washington (I think) that allow for recourse, but only once. So, they can come for something else, but then that's it. Again though, I don't think they EVER do it. It's REALLY bad pr for them. As for "how long do we have"......depends. Do some research on the net, for your state. All I know is that you CAN NOT be forced out, unless there was a court action where a JUDGE signed the eviction order. THEN.....that order goes to the Sherrif to give you notice. THEN.....you have 48 hours (as I recall)

    If you live in a recourse state, then yes, if the bank does not get the value of the outstanding house loans from the sale, then yes, they can come after whatever new house your dad buys.

    Yeah, they will go after him. He is trying to keep the banks 120,000. That is really money they gave him If you want to help him tell him to man up and repay his loan.

    "Father Trains 14 year old Daughter How to Scam the Bank" Next lesson: Welfare fraud...

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