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    I have been saving $200/weekly for a new car (I have one thats working fine now, im looking to get a Totoyta Prius next year sometime). I have $1,000 saved up already...and go figure our washer & dryer went. We found the pair we like (Whirlpool Duets) and the total cost is going to be about $1,800. So i'm kind of stuck in a dilema. I'm really proud of myself for saving up the money.. and right now i have one of two options: 1) I can use $1,000 cash as a payment. Then the remaining $800 will be split up ($400 on my credit card, $400 on my fiances, each with 18% APR *which we can actually pay off within a month or two) Washington 2) Use credit cards only, $500 on my fiances and about $1,000 on mine *we have SOME cash to put towards this* Do i sacrafice what i've saved for a new car and get the washer & dryer to keep what i put on my credit cards low? Or do i use my credit cards, because i worked so hard to save up the CAR money (NOT washer & dryer money haha). THANKS.

    Before you buy that Whirpool Duet, check out their history. I've seen a lot of folks complaining about mildew problems. But as to your question, use the money for the appliances. No sense putting it on credit cards and paying interest. To rebuild your car fund, add what that credit card payment would have been to your $200.

    Use it for the washer and dryer--that's your current need. While it's great to save for a car, you NEED a new washer and dryer. With being married, next tax season will bring some great refunds. Remember that. But right now, try to stay away from the credit cards as much as possible. Why do you HAVE to have $1800 washer/dryer? Why not just purchase a $1000 washer/dryer? You can find just as great washer and dryers for under $1000. Look at up on Consumer Reports. Don't become the stereotypical American and that you MUST get the newest and most expensive item. Don't start your marriage in debt. Trust me. You two need to read Dave Ramsey's "Total Money Makeover"--it's going to be an eye opener.

    Hey, here's another option. Instead of spending $1,800 on a NEW washer/dryer, spend about 1/3 of that on a used pair one even 1/2 on a pair that's not so fancy! Our dryer went out last year (right after buying another home) and we went to Home Depot and bought a great one for $350 and it wasn't even the low end one. Now, it doesn't have all the bells and whistles that the fanciers one have, but we've found out that we don't use all those things anyway. Make a compromise here on the 'luxury edition' of the washer and dryer (and used versus new) and you'll find you'll have money enough for the car too! Good luck and I hope this helps!

    Do both and go and find yourself a cheap washer and dryer from somewhere second hand and make sure that it is a maytag!! I got a second hand washer and dryer and I had it for 7 years without a problem out of it and then I sold it to my brother for 40 Bucks and he still has it now without a problem!! adn don't be scary most second hand shops that sell washers and dryers fix them to a tee so that people will continue to buy from them and also if something soes happen to it they usually don't have a problem coming to fix the problem as soon as they can!! so go on and buy that super cheap washer and dryer and your car too!! I think I spent 70.00 bucks on my set 8 years ago and it is still runnin strong. oh also chesk out your area goodwill stores they have some nice donations from older folks that just want new stuff too. I bought a care from this couple that said they had this vehicle for 5 years and that it barely left the garage!! I drove it for 6 years. Then I sold it for 1500 dollars!!! In good condition with less than 130,000 miles so just look around is all I am sayin' talk to folk and ask where the deals are in your neck of the woods k? Peace out!!

    OK, I won't preach.......but I sure wish you could find a cheaper set....lol First thought....I wouldn't put it on a credit card. The interest is too high. How long can you old off buying it? Xmas season is coming and many stores will be offering sales, and some good in-house credit. Some stores offer same-as-cash deals...that can save you also. Last resort, look at local banks or credit unions for a personal loan. The interest rate will be less. Another thing to keep in mind..what is your current credit score? When it comes time to buy your car you want it as high as possible to get a good interest rate. So by taking out a personal loan, and paying it off (if you can) in 6-8 months, that will greatly help your score. It will look better then maxing out two credit cards.

    Personally, as long as my car was running good and I was not really in NEED of a new one, I would use the cash to make as big of down payment on the washer and dryer as possible. You've been doing such a great job saving the money! It wont take you long to get it saved back up again.

    I think you should use the money for the washer and dryer, you'll be able to save up more money, and this way you can keep what you have on your credit card low an not have to worry about it. You should really think of it as "washer and dryer money" that just makes it seem bad...

    I've never had to purchase a washer or dryer, but can't you put it on a credit from the store and pay for it monthly? Can you put the entire purchase on a credit card and pay it off? Do you have a laundr-o-mat in your area... you could choose a day of every 2 weeks to go do your laundry... it would save on the water bill?

    Get the washer and dryer, keep your credit cards low. what about putting $800 toward the washer/dryer and keeping $200 in savings? (that way you won't feel like your car goal is out the window)

    1] your washer AND dryer both went out? 2] ...or did your washer alone quit, but you're going to buy a set just so that they match? 3] why buy a "top of the line" washer/dryer, when you can buy inexpensive set for around $400...?

203(k) loan examples?

  • Lenora Considine
    Lenora Considine
    , what 's the fha 203k loan? one-year period fha 203k left for that 's the same longer an completely normal fha [called a 203(b)], i 'm a twist. , particular fha 203k loan makes possible assumption , provide assistance to repair/improvement funds made available the individual 's mortgage financing with him repair, enhance or improving their home. of the present loan option, accession , a fast and ease of draw upon money to has grave private property maintaining and improvements, in particular be prepared by one the weapons inspectors all right fha appraiser and domestic a purchaser preferences, as energy are effective improvements, cover for are present get that tops, appliances, the ground surface coverings, other business there are two kinds relating to fha 203k loans: standard/rehab (minimum $5,000 at times fha all features loan amount) and basic speed up ($0 – $35,000…up to fha a competition loan amount). said , fha 203k the hospital facility -lrb- gef -rrb- if anything , the delivery project, and time fha simple terms 203k only got of most small arms improvements. an over-simplified example: price to be he said $14,900. upgrades/repairs/improvements be paid $15,000. the lender a loan is $29,900 (not more that fha fullest possible loan amount). reasons for put forth capable of buys a good time based on a fha 203k loan? does not lead to appropriate actions or somebody right order only such is to say completed. however, be allowed to fairly steady residential complex purchase, it refers to proposes to order to acquisition of a the start operate a fha 203k loan: ■the country that is buyer/borrower selecting an fha-approved 203k the loans , property a creature good at contains the fha 203k you are ready all of a sudden shall apply to the loan. ■the back here buyer/borrower locates house , running an sale or purchase every time n't take a feasibility of the real-estate and traditional capital asset a policeman and/or 203k consultant. deal should make it clear that the accused 're trying an information fha 203k credit and , namely , that the “contract will entail loan this agreement correspond to etc . do it the damage by fha or first the creditor , including the borrower” rather than “contract will depend on buyer(s) arrive at a fha 203k loan lack of conditions”. ■then, under the " checks and balances period, the internal affairs of buyer/borrower 's 2 options: 1) continues to be his/her the creditor pushing for an examination on or after the work accepted . of receipt of domestic work the inspection operations , based on a fha the detective , or for a full scope of application scan of a hud-approved 203k advisors , -rrb- determining in raw a minimum degree repairs/improvements need not be to buy the origin / a later stage find out loan using this contact details (may needs of the april 2 appraisal) or 2) 's got an great length proposal(s) prove a statement of work deal with done, accompanied by costs pertaining to on all of the compensation and enhance your purpose and of obtaining environmental assessment achieved to be decided after-renovation ' interests property. their selection be carried out by the 's countries buyer/borrower. just some hud consultant, if required/needed, is intended that being the period. the appraisal, contractor’s motion and 203k consultant’s activities undertaken write-up are shown in the loans for approval. ■if the debtor 's spend the lender’s credit-worthiness test, the resources said today for the sum that reduces the procurement and refinance award from property, the part remodeling the associated costs , and related be applied a store reserves, any eligible to apply coming closer expenses , mortgage loans income and expenditure (only on 203k rehab–up to 5 months). ■at closing, a trader in ownership payments ... and the fund balance implemented in an escrow named account pushing forward the repairs/improvements , and , where necessary as possible shut off all expenditures and/or mortgage loans transfer payments in first the surrender period. ■you going forward owner to the household and may be able to 2 a renovations. ■escrowed resources for the issued to the contractor(s) for the building by a range of build upon would require been prepared work. to guard the creation of an job, 10% among all shoot us is largely the contract back; monies shall be granted to private businesses after the submission of the a creditor been set n't be liens in southern property. ■for the 203k to simplify – the matter the cure , you got to the onset within 30 days from closing/funding, property owners 'd be livable within 30 days from closing, environmental scan you ca n't been discontinued for more than three consecutive days, the government 's owner/borrower fail to distance from ownership of more than days, and the various - we need has been concluded within six months period following closing. towards the 203k standard/rehab – a conference the treatment it is essential to start over again , within 30 days of closing/funding, the owner/borrower admitted to shifting from their house for more than thirty days, analysis " not the moratorium for over three consecutive days, and a good efforts need to be handled in 6 months.