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    I was checking my mypay earlier and it said they had deducted $281 for a basic pay debt. I read at the bottom of the LES and it said I had owed a total of about $800 and now its down to $454 but I don't have any idea what i would owe the army $800. Does anyone know if this is a common error or what I may owe them $800 for in the first place? I am in the Washington National Guard, I enlisted in febuary of '09, and I have yet to deploy. Any help is much appreciated

    Edit 1- @catlady I don't have access to a military bank as I am in the national guard and I stay at home, there is no base for 3 hours around me. Also my general drill weekend check is about 200 before taxes and 150 after taxes, but this tiem we did a 4 day drill and I got promoted so I should have got ~$560 but they did my usualy taxes then took out the extra 280, leaving me with only $140 which is not normal, thats why I am so curious about this.

    I can't give you an answer with the information given, but here are a few things that might have caused the debt collection. 1) You were issued equipment worth $800.00 that you either lost or destroyed and were found culpable. One of my unit's cooks destroyed a field oven while at AIT. He ended up with a pay check in the sum of $.04 cents. He cashed it. 2) You got pay you were not actually entitled to (BAH, BAS, etc.). Look at your older LES's (you can do that with MyPay) and see if you had been paid extra.

    I don't know what Catlady is talking about. Been a Texas resident on Active Duty for about 20 years and the state has never taking anything from me. Okay, your pay and benefits as a Guardsman on Active duty can be clearly defined by you unit tech. If I hazard to guess, you received a BAH (basic housing allowance) payment for a month that wasn't earned while in basic. Could be wrong, I would need to see the LES to check the debt code that is listed. Recommendation is to have an LES next unit drill and go see the unit tech.

    Listen to sfcjcl; he is absolutely correct - go see your unit admin guy who should be able to help you. If he can't, then go back to the mypay website and contact DFAS direct. Catlady is smoking crack! There are no such things as "military banks". The banks that are on bases are all private banking institutions or credit unions. Just because the name may have some military related does not mean they are a 'military bank'. On top of that, the banks on base are not the folks you would go see about a pay issue for god's sakes. You go start with your unit admin and then move up to base finance for pay issues. Bottom line: listen to sfcjcl and go see your unit admin to start with, then call DFAS direct.

    Hmmmm.....not sure, is there any way you can talk to your finance?

I am planning to buy a nintendo wii from US. I am an Indian resident.?

  • Juanita Brown
    Juanita Brown
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  • Pete Stehr
    Pete Stehr
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