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    I'm trying to call a few numbers that allow you to buy things like game pins, in-game cash, etc. So I'm trying to do this at school + in offices + other places, but they require you to "dial out" before making a call. So basically, I have to press "9" before making my calls. Now here's my problem. I can only use my local area code, being (604). I can't call 1-800 numbers or 1-900 numbers or anything similar. Is there some sort of international service that allows you to call them, then call outside your catchment area using their temporary service? I know I'm being really unclear. Sorry about that. Basically, I'm wondering how I can call 1-900-xxx-xxxx at school if I'm only able to call within my catchment area. Thank you.

    Oh just dial it. I'm sure the school has never had that happen before and they'd just love you to be able to dial whatever you want. Don't worry about the cost, they'll never know who made the call and they'll be happy to pay for your call. Toll free numbers ought to be allowed, but since you are in BC, it may be that the number is restricted from Canada. Outside of that, any reason why you should be able to make free phone calls, especially ones with variable pricing?

    When you call a 1-900 number the telephone number making the call is charged whatever the going rate is for calling that particular number(it varies and can be very extremely expensive). Therefore none of the places you listed are going to allow calls to 1-900 numbers to be called by anyone that strolls through the door. Call it from your home or cell phone.

    Toll calls such as 900 numbers are likely blocked by the telephone service provider... the phone line might only have local service, which is why you would only be able to dial local numbers, Washington the phone system might be set up to only provide you with calls outside of the local calling area if you enter the proper PIN... sometimes dialing 8 instead of 9 before the number will get you an outside line for long distance... what you are attempting to do is fraud/thief of services, and you can be held criminally liable for this, as well as liable for the charges...

    The school's PBX or CENTREX service is blocking all toll free and 1-900 calls. The school is avoiding YOU making calls that might be charged would to the school. A VERY smart move on the schools part. And there is no way around that. There are probably special lines for those type calls, but access will be limited.

    Most businesses, and many landline owners block 900 numbers, since they cost varying charges, depending on the content. (Much of which is x-rated.)

    You can't

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