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Payday Loan in West Virginia

    So basically I work in McDonald s I ve been working there for 2 years and I make roughly 800 a month my credit isn t good I only pay a cell phone bill of 93, however, there s this car on Craigslist from this private seller for 8k and I really like it and I see myself sticking with it for years, especially since I don t want to be in McDonald s forever getting yelled at by customers because onions was stuck on their burgers I plan to go back to school when tax season rolls around and register to go back to school for spring semester, and I don t want to wait for a car because I just had a son he s 5 months old and I don t want him waiting at the bus stop with me in the winter

    Auto finance is what I do for a living and there are 10 things that go into making up a car deal weather it's a purchase or a lease and all can effect the interest rate. 1. Term of loan. Shorter the better. 2. Age of vehicle. Newer the better. 3. Miles on vehicle. Lower the better. 4. Amount to finance compared to book value. Lower the better. 5. Credit score. Higher the better. 6. Credit profile. Deeper the better. 7. Down payment. More the better. 8. Monthly income. Higher the better. 9. Time on job. Longer the better. 10. Time at residence. Longer the better. As long as all of the above are in line with the lender guide lines and you make enough income to budget for the payment you should be approved. As you can see from the above list there are way to many things that go into making up a car deal to guess at your interest rate. Just so you will know this is a breakdown of F.I.C.O. scores used by one of the largest credit unions in my State. FICO system scores from 300-850. Elite-740-& up Prime-700-739 Preferred-660-699 Standard-625-659 Sub-prime-624-& under There are lenders that have first time buyer programs, they require a minimum of 12-months or your job, a monthly income of at least $1,600.00, a down payment of at least $1,000.00 or 10% of the price of the vehicle and a maximum amount financed of $10,000.00. if you don't meet these requirements or the vehicle you have chosen cost more then this you will have to have a good qualified co-signer to get the loan. To answer your question more directly, with your limited income there is no way you will be approved for anything. Sorry but that's just the way it is.


    Your not in a very good position to buying ANY car, there will always be repairs and insurance plus gas. Do you live on your own ? the $93 for a cell phone is totally off base ( that's almost $1200 a year ) you need food, rent, medical & dental care if sick ( including the child ) the low credit score means you will pay a higher interest rate on any loan. Save what you can and take course's to better your skills, work your way up at MacDonald's and see if they will pay for schooling related to them. Good luck : )

    First I would avoid a Craigslist purchase. if you get a car, buy it from a dealer and get a warranty. If you only make 800 a month before taxes and 8k car is out of your realistic reach. if you really think you can afford a 200.00 month loan start by putting 200 a month away in the bank and see how long you can keep that up. it sounds like you are struggling, going back to school is a great idea, but don't get yourself in debt and ruin your credit over a car.

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    I'm confused. You make $800 a month, and you're thinking about buying an $8,000 car? What about rent and food? Do you still live at home?

    If you can land a job as a middle manager or above in an international company then you can easily get a loan from any bank.

    U re planning to quit your low paying job, who in their clear mind will lend u the money? Noone. And especially with lower interest. It is time to get reality check

    I got mine through my car dealer when i bought the car. But i know bank of america has car loans too

    Some dealerships do this by sending out postcards right to the house. If u were here i could tell u the info..But im probably far away from where u are..

What is the largest loan this bank can make?

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    Lexus McClure
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  • Blanche Bauch
    Blanche Bauch
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