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    On December 1, 2007 I was contacted by Owen Adams from First Point Loans. He left me a voice mail stating I had been approved for a loan by one of their lenders. I don't even remember appling for a loan with this company! I called him back that Monday and he proceeded to tell me that I had been approved by a private lender for a secured loan in the amount of $5000.00. The only condition was due to my past credit history I would have to send the $900.00 via Money Gram and once that had taken place, the money would be wired to my bank account within 24 hours. So, since I am a single mother struggling to get by and it is the Christmas season, I went against my better judgement and sent him the money on 12/5/07 in the amount of $900.00 plus $14.16 for hanlding fees that I was told would be given back to me w/ my loan. The next day, the money wasn't in my account. After numerous attempts, I finally got through to Mr. Owen Adams and he said that there had been a problem w/ the lender. The lender needed an additional $900.00 in order for my loan to be sent to me. This amount was to insure the loan. So, on 12/5/07 I sent them another Money Gram in the amount of $900.00 plus $14.16 for handling fees. Again, I was told that my money would be deposited into my account w/n 24 hours of the transaction. Well, two days past and still no money in my account. So once again, I tried to contact Mr. Owen Adams and he proceeded to tell me that the lender had backed out of the loan and their company was going to take out a class-action lawsuit against them. When I asked who the lender was, he said that he couldn't tell me due to privacy reasons. He said that my file was being transferred over to his supervisor, James Green and that he was the "one who could get things done and get me my loan". Well, I spoke w/ Mr. Green, after numerous attempts, and he said "GOOD NEWS" a new lender had accepted my loan in the new amount of $7000.00. All I would have to come up with would be $1,800.00. I told him that I had already sent his company $1,800.00 and could not send anymore and that I just wanted my money back. He assured me that he would get to the bottom of things b/c once a lender agrees they can't back out of a loan. He called me back and said that he "personally" spoke with the lender and that they would give me the $7000.00 loan w/n 24 hours if I sent them $800.00 plus $14.16 (handling fees). I told him that this was starting to sound very funny b/c if I had all of this money to send them then I wouldn't need a loan to start with. He once again assured me that my money would be in my account w/n 24 hours of the transaction of me sending the money gram. So, borrowed $800.00 from a friend and sent in another $800.00 on 12/12/07. This time the money gram was sent to a different person; from the last two. The first two I had to send to Jenessesa Cowan in Boykim, Alberta Canada. The last one was sent to Melissa Rutty in Winham, Ontario Canada. After I sent the last money gram in the amount of $800.00 plus the handling fees I called Mr. Green back just like the two times before w/ the reference numbers. He said again that I would have my money by the time my bank opened on the next day; which would have been 8:30 am 12/13/07. I asked him again, was he sure about this and that it really sounded like a scam and that if it was I would pursue every avenue to the fullest extent. He said no, that's not how our company works. On 12/13/07 @ 8:30 I called my bank and nothing was in there. I tried all day to reach Mr. Green and never got an answer. I finally got through to him that afternoon and he once again had an explination. He said that he would get with the accounting department and to call him back in 20 minutes. I called him back and he said that he had been on the phone w/ his accounting dept. and he had fussed them out b/c of the service I had been receiving. The new delima was there was some type of TAX I was suppose to pay b/c the funds were coming from Canada. I said that NO ONE had told me anything about paying any type of taxes and that I just either wanted my loan or my money back. He said to get my money back that would take two weeks plus going through another department. He asked me to call him back in 20 minutes and he would see what he coudl work out. So, I called him back again in 20 minutes. He said that his company had agreed to pay the taxes for me but they would not be able to pay it until their next pay cycle and that was on Friday, December 14, 2007. So, he said to call him that Friday around 12:00 and he would let me know what was going on but he assured me that the funds would be in my account no later than Friday night at midnight. Well, I called him first thing Friday morning and all I got was his voicemail. I left a message but never received a return call. I contiued to call him and still all I got was his voicemail until Friday afternoon at about 3:30pm. When I called that time, I received a new message stating: "Universal account had been placed on hold please contact customer service" then the message stopped and the call was ended. It didn't give a number to call for customer service. I have been trying to call all weekend and all day today. I contacted the Money Gram office on Friday afternoon and all they could tell me was that the money had been picked up but they could not give me any additional information unless I had a attorney to get the records for me. They did give me a number to report them to the government fraud agency. I gave this company all of the money I had, so now I am going to lose my car, my house, and I don't have any money for food, gas, much less Christmas. I will get even with this company. And on top of that, I have had two more companies call me w/n the last two days with the same type offers. Please if anyone has anymore information please pass it on. It is up to us to stop these people b/c they are preying on people w/ poor credit, trying to get ahead, and people who don't have alot of money to start with. Sincerely, Erika

    This is a common scam that's been around for quite a while. I find it hard to believe a lot of what you wrote because it astounds me that you could have been so gullible more than once. However, if even a part of it is true, I wish you all the luck in the world resolving it.

    So sorry to hear that this has happened to you. I was taken for $ 1,4068.00 dollars and would like to get my hands on these guys or some way get our money back. I was told that I would get my money back on 12/15/07 guess what the phone number is no longer active. 1-866 467-5127

    Anyone who offers you a loan then asks for money when you didn't even request a loan is a scam artist and should be reported to your local authority immediately! WHEN West Virginia DOUBT report it!!!

    It is a scam. Stop dealing with him. same happened to someone in my family and he lost 9000 dollars.

I need help finding out about a student loan that has taking my tax reture for 14 years and wages.?

  • Velva Lueilwitz
    Velva Lueilwitz
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