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Payday Loan in West Virginia

    Yes it is. I just priced out a loan for a client and they have the option of 4.75% or 4.35% with 1% discount for a 30 day lock on a 30 year fixed.

    Very possible but to remain with the same note you must pay all closing cost out of pocket. There are no free loans as there are vendors that must be paid such as title and appraisal and yes we bankers must make a living as well. I am a mortgage banker in West Virginia & KY

Should I buy a home or keep renting?

  • Maci Bauch
    Maci Bauch
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  • Johnson Pagac
    Johnson Pagac
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  • Kendrick Swift
    Kendrick Swift
  • Tavares Dietrich
    Tavares Dietrich
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    Theron Toy
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