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    Okay so I am about to be a freshman in college! Unfortunatly I have had to take out some loans but hopefully in the long run it will be to my advantage! So here is my situation... I have subsidized and unsubsidized loans both of which wont come in until 30 days after school starts. Everything seems fine with the loans going through but the school just sent me the financial aid transcript and it says that I owe the 2000 in loans that I took out. Why is this? I do not want the school billing me for loans that just have yet to arrive? This is what it looks like online Fund ID Dispersible Amt Award Amount Date Awarded Date Accepted Transmitted Amount Pell Grant $2,150.00 $2,150.00 04/04/2012 04/... DL (Sub) $.00 $1,750.00 04/05/2012 04/05/20... DL (Unsub) $.00 $1,000.00 04/05/2012 04/05/... West Virginia Challenge $2,250.00 $2,250.00 07/20/2012... Total for FALL $4,400.00 $7,150.00 $4,400.00 Pell Grant $2,150.00 $2,150.00 04/04/2012 04/... DL (Sub) $.00 $1,750.00 04/05/2012 04/05/20... DL (Unsub) $.00 $1,000.00 04/05/2012 04/05/... West Virginia Challenge $2,250.00 $2,250.00 07/20/2012... Total for SPRING $4,400.00 $7,150.00 $.00 Grand Totals $8,800.00 $14,300.00 $4,400.00 but then it says this also CODE DATE DESCRIPTION AMOUNT ----- ---------- ------------------------------ ---------------- 10002 08/10/2012 UNDERGRADUATE IN-STATE TUI FAL $3,136.00 20122 08/10/2012 MATH FEE FALL $10.00 20242 08/10/2012 HEALTH FEE FALL $48.00 20252 08/10/2012 TECHNOLOGY FEE FALL $192.00 20262 08/10/2012 BLDG REPAIR & MAINT FEE FALL $40.00 20302 08/10/2012 ART FEE FALL $40.00 20332 08/10/2012 ART FEE FALL $50.00 20382 08/10/2012 TRANSCRIPT FEE FALL $20.00 20392 08/10/2012 BAND FEE FALL $4.00 20402 08/10/2012 LIBRARY FEE FALL $40.00 20422 08/10/2012 BROADCAST FEE FALL $7.50 21302 08/10/2012 NEW STUDENT ORIENT FEE FALL $50.00 22302 08/10/2012 TESTING FEE FALL $5.00 22502 08/10/2012 RECREATION CENTER FEE FALL $125.00 30002 08/10/2012 ACTIVITY FEE FALL $60.00 30102 08/10/2012 GARRISON CENTER ASSESSMENT FAL $30.00 35392 08/10/2012 COMM FEE SMITH DOUBLE FALL $95.00 45302 08/10/2012 SMITH - DOUBLE FALL $1,381.00 50702 08/10/2012 PREMIUM MEAL PLAN FALL (19) $1,285.00 80292 08/10/2012 ARKANSAS ACADEMIC CHALLENGE West Virginia $2,250.00CR 81312 08/10/2012 PELL GRANT 2012-2013 $2,150.00CR ---------------- Net Balance ================> $2,218.50 Payment #1 **** (see below) **** ........ $220.50 Payment #2 due on 09/20/2012............. $666.00 Payment #3 due on 10/19/2012............. $666.00 Payment #4 due on 11/16/2012............. $666.00 As you can see it appears that they are planning to bill me although it is not my fault that the loans do not arrive until 30 days after school. Also if you notice it does not say anything about the loans in the second section. Help anyone? Sorry if its confusing.

    You need to ask your school that question. It looks like you will have about $500 left over after everything is paid for. You're probably fine, but you need to check with the school. Make sure that you actually accepted your loans and signed the MPN. Without doing that your loans will not be disbursed.

    You are only getting 4,400 a semester in aid. Your bill in tuition alone is over 3,000 so you DO owe the school money. If you notice, where it says "SUB AND UNSUB" loans, there are ZEROS there. This means you have not accepted them or are missing something.. See? ZERO Loan amounts for fall. DL (Sub) $.00 DL (Unsub) $.00 And just FYI,re: "its not my fault the loans don't come until" Loans do not disperse excess loan money (to you) until 30 days after the semester has started. It does NOT mean the school does not get them before then. In other words, you don't get any EXTRA loan money until 30 days after school, if you have any. The school gets them earlier IF you do all the paperwork and turn in everything you need to. It looks like you have prob not done all the paperwork for the loans yet. Have you signed your MPN (master promissory note) yet? Prob not. Or if you have, have you done all the requirements for getting a loan like watching the loan counseling program online and printing off the website PROOF you watched it? took the quiz, passed it, and then TURNED in the proof to the fin aid office? You have missed something on your loans, and you need to figure out what it is.

    Loans do not "come in 30 days after school starts" - that's typically when leftover funding is disbursed to students. it has nothing to do with when the loans come in. if they're telling you that you have a balance due, that's money you're going to need to come up with before classes start - not afterwards. all these various fees, and meal plans, and stuff - they have to be paid by the student in cash before classes start. they're not things covered by financial aid. students like yourself have this misguided opinion that financial aid (including loans) is supposed to cover everything - and that's not the case at all. like the first person told you, you need to go down to the financial aid office at your school and talk to somebody. but bring your checkbook.

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