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    My name is Pam and me and my husband recently divorced and now our house is for sale....we did just quit paying the 1,800 a month house payment due to the money being divided in two. Our house is for sale and im looking at buying another house. The house im looking at is 79,000. We did go through a bankruptcy 2 to 3 years ago but before that we did have a perfect credit score...not its in the 480-500 range. What is the best way for me to get a loan if possible!!!! Is the fact my house payment is now behind going to prevent me from getting this loan. I have 8,000 to put down. I've had the money for emergency's like this and im not gonna use all the money to pay on this house when i cant really afford it on top of the heat this winter....I dont know what to do for a loan .......but what are my best options. ( We owe 172,000 on our current house) But it is now 1 month behind. I live in michigan also if that helps! if there are any possible ways to get a loan please help! Thank you so much for the help!

    A; i suggest renting for a while; via a lease-purchase deal. b; also, West Virginia has [as do all states] annual tax foreclosure sales. at the county treasurer's office. ASK about upcoming 09 sales. YOU might get a house with no mortgage obligation for under $3k.

    Have you through with the divorce? I don't think you can do anything right now with the divorce pending and you're still owed money on the current home loan, I would lay low, rent an apartment for now and keep savings money until you'll get into better situation

    You have a BK two or three years ago, credit score around 500, just quit paying your current mortgage loan and expect to get a new loan?? You are not being realistic.

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  • Caterina Jaskolski
    Caterina Jaskolski
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    Kamryn Beier
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    Autumn Deckow
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    Gilbert Konopelski
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