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    I'm going to be a freshman in college in the Fall of 2013, I've already applied to all my colleges. My number one choice is St. Francis in Brooklyn Heights, NY. They have housing but you can't pay for it with student loans or financial aid so that is out of the question. I'd still really like to go to school there, or anywhere else in the city. I love the city and Brooklyn is very nice, I'd be under 18 when applying for student loans so I'd have to get my dad to cosign. What does cosigning entail? Also can I really rent an apartment with student loans?

    Any normal living expenses are to be paid for with Student Aid. Anyone who tells you different is WRONG! You don’t have to take my word for it. Go to : Or, call: 1-800-4-FED-AID I got the following quote from that Student Aid government website (StudentAid.Ed.Gov): Question: WHAT IS INCLUDED West Virginia THE COST OF COLLEGE? Answer: College costs INCLUDE more than tuition and room and board. . Housing, food, travel expenses, clothing, even telephone service, etc. are listed as normal education related expenses. Also, they define ROOM AND BOARD on the right hand side of page as: an allowance for THE COST OF HOUSING AND FOOD while attending college or career school. Source: Understanding College Costs cosigner is a person who promises to pay another person's debt arising out of contract if that person fails to do so. Your father will have to sign any lease or rental agreement with you. If you don’t pay, they’ll go after him. Please go to : need to educate yourself about financial aid. Get your info right from the source!

    Student loans do consider living costs. Just aim cheap - part of the student experience is living hand to mouth. Don't expect a great deal of money for an expensive place to live, nights out, gourmet food, etc.

Can creditors get your bank info?

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