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    Im a senior this year and coming up on my first years at college. I was wondering what my base pay scale would be when i get out of my full degree. My plan is this! associates degree in computer information technology and then my bachelors in computer science as well as i would get my MBA after im all done with that now knowing that and me living in Wisconsin ..what do you think my base or entry level pay scale be? and what would it be with experience? would i be valuable?

    Experience always helps get more cash. Wisconsin is VERY expensive to live in - so keep that in mind. This does not always translate to a higher rate of pay for those that work there (you can get a smalllllllll apartment in Manhattan, for instance, for 1,800 a month - that is not cheap.) Use salary wizards to help you calculate your worth - you can find them online (search for 'salary calculators') It will give you an idea. It will also show you what a little experience can get you in the end - which, for you would translate to: Work any chance you can in the area you are majoring in - for summers and breaks this could mean volunteering - to use the skills - not cleaning dog poop at the local pound but maybe helping the local pound work on their computer system, got it? You need to develop you and volunteering is a two way street. Additionally, try to score an internship or two throughout your college career. Any time you can establish a relationship with a company puts you one step ahead of everyone else when you graduate - so look around. Do not rely on your college to hook you up with this - you can inquire at companies you are interested in (I'd suggest sticking to Fortune 500s but seriously, take what you can get that will give you the most experience and know that that may not mean you will get the most cash - you'll be an intern and cash demands at this stage are silly.) Hope that helps.

Giving up on going to PA school... Now what?

  • Raoul Roob
    Raoul Roob
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  • Stuart Langosh
    Stuart Langosh
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