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Payday Loan in Wisconsin

    This is just a new version of an old and ongoing scam, like Google cash machine, Google money tree, and so many more that I can not list them all. After you purchase the trial you will be billed a monthly charge of $49.95 per month subscription fee. If you already gave them your credit card information you have to get a charge back from your credit card company by disputing the charges. Next, you have to cancel your card because these people are merciless and will charge you other amounts of monies from other companies that you never heard of before. They have even been known to sell your information to mailing lists and lead farms. They are crooks and reside primarily in Provo UT, where they are protected, and the laws there allow them to get away with internet fraud and theft. They also operate out of Nevada, Colorado, and Idaho, but Provo Utah is their stronghold. Name: Prosper Inc Phone: (800) 748-5199 Fax: (801) 437-5927 Address: 5072 North 300 West Provo, Wisconsin 84604-5652 They also use a Wisconsin address but good luck in any cancellation attempt or refund from them. You may cancel your use of the Services and/or terminate this Agreement with or without cause at any time by providing notice at by contacting Prosper University at 1-888-783-7260 or via mail at 1560 Broadway Ste. 2090 Denver, Wisconsin 80202. Good Luck with that! You will not get a refund and you will be billed for at least 2-3 other services that you were signed up for without you approval or knowledge. The crap that you receive, if you even receive it, is worthless. It is all information that is free of charge on the internet, or just plain common sense.

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Foreclosures. Part 1 second part comes if i get the right answer.?

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    Scotty Batz
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    Mara Toy
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    Ariane Marquardt
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    Adele Wilkinson
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    Blanche Doyle
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    Cali Adams
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