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    I am pretty sure i know what i am doing. I just have a couple questions. on a few journal entries. 12/3 Paid Cash for a computer $3,000. Computer is expected to remain in service for 5 years. do i just credit cash for 3000 and debt equipment for 3000? do i need to do a journal entry for depreciation and all of that? or do i just wait until the endof the year and do an adjusting entry? would this be the same thing... 12/4 purchased office furniture on account 3600. furniture should last 5 years. I also have a list of adjusting entrys that need to be done. not to sure how to do them 1. Accured service revenue 400(earned but payment would be received until next period 2. supplies still on hand at the end of the month $100 3. Depreciation expene- equipment $50 and furniture $60 4. Accured 1/3 of secretarys monthly salary(earned but not paid until next period.(JE info is Hired secretary to be paid 1500 on the 20th day of each month...it happened on 12/21)

    12/2—Received $7,000 cash from Schulz. Issued common stock to her. 12/2—Paid monthly office rent, $500 12/3—Paid cash for a Dell computer, $3,000. The computer is expected to remain in service for five years. 12/4—Purchased office furniture on account, $3,600. The furniture should last for five years. 12/5—Purchased supplies on account, $300. 12/9—Performed tax service for a client and received cash for the full amount of $800. 12/12—Paid utility expenses, $200. 12/18—Performed consulting service for a client on account, $1,700. 12/21—Received $900 in advance for tax work to be performed evenly over the next 30 days. 12/21—Hired a secretary to be paid $1,500 on the 20th day of each month. (Note: this is not a transaction to journalize at this point. The information will be used to accrue salary on 12/31. 12/26—Paid for the supplies purchased on December 5. 12/28—Collected $600 from the consulting client on December 18.

    Above and below is actual assignment any help is appreciated 12/30—Declared and paid dividends of $1,600. Here are the Adjustments to be journalized and posted on 12/31: A. Accrued service revenue, $400. (Earned, but payment won't be received until next period) B. 1/3 of the service revenue collected in advance on December 21 has now been earned. C. Supplies still on hand at the end of month, $100. D. Depreciation expense—equipment, $50; furniture, $60. E. Accrued 1/3 of the secretary’s monthly salary. (Earned, but won't be paid until next period)

    12/3 Paid Cash for a computer $3,000. Computer is expected to remain in service for 5 years. The question doesn't mention depreciation, so ignore it for now. Dr Equipment $3,000 Cr Cash $3,000 12/4 purchased office furniture on account 3600. furniture should last 5 years Dr Office Furn. $3,600 Cr AP $3,600 1. Accured service revenue 400 (earned but payment would be received until next period Dr Wisconsin $400 Cr Service revenue $400 2. supplies still on hand at the end of the month $100 Dr Supplies expense $200 Cr Supplies $200 3. Depreciation expense- equipment $50 and furniture $60 Dr Depreciation expense- equipment $50 Dr Depreciation expense- furniture $60 Cr Accumulated depn - equipment $50 Cr Accumulated depn - furniture $60 4. Accured 1/3 of secretarys monthly salary(earned but not paid until next period.(JE info is Hired secretary to be paid 1500 on the 20th day of each month...it happened on 12/21) Dr Salaries expense $500 Cr Salaries payable $500 12/2—Received $7,000 cash from Schulz. Issued common stock to her Dr Cash $7,000 Cr Common stock $7,000 12/2—Paid monthly office rent, $500 Dr Rent expenses $500 Cr CAsh $500 12/5—Purchased supplies on account, $300 Dr Supplies $300 Cr AP $300 12/9—Performed tax service for a client and received cash for the full amount of $800 Dr Cash $800 Cr Service revenue $800 12/12—Paid utility expenses, $200 Dr Utility expense $200 Cr Cash $200 12/18—Performed consulting service for a client on account, $1,700 Dr Wisconsin $1,700 Cr Service revenue $1,700 12/21—Received $900 in advance for tax work to be performed evenly over the next 30 days Dr Cash $900 Cr Unearned revenue $900 12/26—Paid for the supplies purchased on December 5 Dr AP $300 Cr Cash $300 12/28—Collected $600 from the consulting client on December 18 Dr Cash $600 Cr Wisconsin $600 12/30—Declared and paid dividends of $1,600 Dr Dividends $1,600 Cr Cash $1,600

    Accrued Service Revenue Journal Entry

    Hired an Administrative assistance, to be paid $ 6000 per month and rented house $ 12000.00. What is the necessary entry?

    Dr computer $3000 cr cash $3000

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