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    Hi, Here are some samples from my site, for full coverage please go to . 1. Company introduction: Venture Capital and Private Equity funds don’t invest in companies or technologies – they invest in people. That means you! Therefore the initial section of the investment presentation must present to the prospective investors that you and your team can execute the plan – present your experience and expertise and what makes you a great team. 2. Mission statement: Start-up's should use one sentence to state their goal. Don’t be afraid to be bold – you are expected to, but keep it short and avoid generalized statements. More mature companies, company presentations to private equity funds, should include a short description of the company's business and positioning. 3. Pain and value proposition: whether it is a technological edge, a strong client base or amazing manufacturing power - both start-ups and mature companies should state their value proposition in a clear (preferably visual) manner. Very often (particularly in the event of a startup) it is recommended to introduce the value proposition slide with a preliminary slide describing the specific market failure you address. 4. The product/solution/service: investor presentations should include 2-3 slides describing your specific offering. When presenting a technological solutions, it is important to consider the technical aptitude of the audience ahead of time – investment presentation delivered to financial oriented audience should cover your relative advantages, but shouldn’t be too specific on technical subjects 5. The market and competition: describe your market and competitors honestly in 2-5 slides. Do not try to underplay your competition, investors see many venture capital presentations and may have met with your competition… In mature companies, investment presentations may contain references to the company's status in the form of a Porter 5 forces model analysis. 6. Business Model: a venture capital presentation delivered by a start up company needs to convince that the company has a solid business model that will empower actual gains. 7. Case study/Client base: a VC presentation can be empowered by actual proof of concept in a form of an actual client or (preferably in many cases) a canned demo. In an investor presentation aimed at raising funds from private equity, a description of current client base is important, as it is typically the major asset the company holds. 8. SWAT analysis (Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats): this slide is important in mature company's analysis. Nevertheless, it can also be useful in certain VC presentation cases 9. Financials: the message delivered in this section changes from private equity and venture capital presentation. In the case of a start-up, the company should prove that it can gain significant cash flow from its activity. Mature companies need to provide further information beyond future cash flow analysis, as this information is needed for the company valuation. This additional information can include balance analysis, changes in working capital etc. 10. Summary: provide one slide describing your offering. Remember to emphasize the top key issues you want investors to remember from your venture capital presentation

    OK I'll explain and I'll go slow for you. Every time I work my butt of to earn a dollar, I get taxed on it. It only stands to reason that just because you are rich and sit on your butt to earn a dollar, you shouldn't be exempt from taxes. Why are Republicans so vicious, vindictive and punitive to those who work at those jobs? The capital gains tax does not penalize research and development or start up ventures because, you see, profits are monies that are not spent on research and development, worker benefits and new equipment. I can't see that returning capital gains taxes to the level of the Clinton era will do any harm. We seemed to do Wyoming during those years. Sorry to point out your error, but long term capital gains are NOT taxed as ordinary income. The maximum rate for long term capital gains right now is 20% (and 15% for those in lower tax brackets). I will also point out that Obama has not proposed huge increases as you suggest, he proposed bringing them back to the level they were before George Bush gave yet another tax break to his wealthy backers. You may recall that these "huge" rates did not slow down business during the Clinton administration. I think the real reason liberals support these measures is because they are fair to everyone, not just the wealthiest among us. Conservatives really do not understand economics and that is why the economy is in the shape it is right now.

    99% of presentations for VC are useless. THE VCer wants to put money into the deal or not. He does not care one bit about how you present. I sought VC money for 1,000 clients over a 35 yr period and got zero for anyone and only got one VCer to even respond to me. I can guide you on how to get money for your venture if you do not get VC; and my help will be free.

    There are plenty in Bluebook Academy.

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  • Jensen Thiel
    Jensen Thiel
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  • Mina McKenzie
    Mina McKenzie
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  • Devante Nader
    Devante Nader
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    Lavina Homenick
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  • Nayeli Funk
    Nayeli Funk
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    Anabelle Grady
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    Daniella Kub
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    Karley Berge
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